GAIL SP15 Update

Over the weekend of April 22nd, GAIL has been updated to Service Pack 15. If you experience any issues from this, please send an email to


Seeds & Salutations

Need to verify that an email marketing effort was sent? Want to see how your postal marketing effort turned out? Seeds are a great way to include yourself, and your internal team members, as recipients of a marketing effort without adding an additional segment. While seeds are a fantastic tool to utilize in your marketing effort, […]


Checking for Duplicate Addresses in Postal Mailings

So you’ve downloaded your spreadsheet for your postal mail marketing effort or event invitation… now what? Check your data! To avoid sending multiple mailers to the same address, review your data to identify possible duplicate mailing addresses. If you’re not sure how to best organize your data, check out the helpful Excel guide below.


May 23rd Excel Workshop

After downloading your Excel spreadsheet from your marketing effort or event communication, you may have some questions. How do I remove constituents with no mailing address? Why am I seeing duplicate addresses on my spreadsheet? How do I print my envelopes? All these questions and more will be answered at the May 23rd Excel Workshop. […]


April 2018 Data Updates

Data additions to GAIL as of April are listed below! Admissions data has added 3,100 student and 3,500 parent records. This new data upload contained students that had paid their deposit on or before the April 1st deadline. There will be a second upload in May for those who register by the May 1st deadline. Business […]

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Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have any ideas you’d like to see in GAIL or Advizor? If so, we are eager to hear them. While we cannot promise immediate solutions, the Office of Client Services will consult with our internal teams to find out how we might be able to implement your suggestions. The next time something comes […]


G-Wiz Update: Copying Direct Marketing Efforts, Guided Arrows, and Event Communications

GAIL users, if you’re planning to send your next newsletter or solicitation, save yourself some time and use the copy option for Direct Marketing Efforts. Lucky for you, G-Wiz now includes an instructional guide for this process. Guided arrows have been added to the instructional slides to prompt you for the next steps. Here’s an example below: […]


Prospect Plan Dashboard

A new Plan Dashboard has been added as a new tab inside your Prospect Plans which comes from an idea shared with us from the Law School as something that would be very helpful for their development officers.  The information that displays on this new tab actually comes from the Contact Reports which include more […]

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Extra Padding in BEE Email Content

GAIL users, have you noticed a blank space above your email content while previewing it in the Edit email window? Not to worry, your email recipients will not see this in their message – just make sure not to delete it!


Corporate Info Tab on the Organization Page

The Corporate Info tab on the Organization page has been updated with more details representing subsidiary structures of larger companies. Individual records with identified employee relationships to these organizations provide employee giving, employee counts, and prospect plan activities. Use this tab to view the financial impact.  

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