UGA Dawgs for Haiti

The students and community at the University of Georgia have raised more than $58,000 to provide support for the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. Since the earthquake struck, more than 100 campus organizations have banded together to help those in need.

Dawgs for Haiti, a campus-wide initiative organized by Volunteer UGA, is coordinating the relief efforts. Student organizations that have pledged their support to Dawgs for Haiti are answering the call for help by organizing multiple fundraisers.

UGA President Michael F. Adams helped the Dawgs for Haiti initiative by volunteering to sell t-shirts on campus. T-shirt sales have been a significant fundraiser among the student body with 3,000 sold.
Student organizers hope to blanket the Athens community with royal blue ribbons as a show of support. Stephen Dorner, executive director of Volunteer UGA and director of Dawgs for Haiti, hopes that the blue ribbon campaign will bring the entire university and Athens community together in support of the victims of the earthquake.

“The blue ribbon represents the blue of the Haitian flag as our symbol of support,” said Dorner. “Businesses around Athens are helping us spread that symbol to the citizens of Athens by requesting donations in exchange for a ribbon.”

UGA alumni and friends outside of Athens are also lending a hand by spreading the word, encouraging donations and ordering t-shirts through the Dawgs for Haiti Web site.
All proceeds from the Dawgs for Haiti campaign will be donated to the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. Online donations and t-shirt orders are accepted at the organization’s Web site,