UGA license plates raise funds for need-based scholarships

UGA License Plates


UGA released—through the Georgia Department of Revenue—a new, sleeker version of its specialty state of Georgia license plate featuring the university’s iconic “power G.” The UGA specialty tags will help raise money for need-based scholarships.


University of Georgia license plates have raised approximately $850,000 for student scholarships between April 2013 and September 2014.


New UGA license plates featuring the "Power G" logo and the school's red, black and silver colors were launched in April 2013 and about 8,000 new plates were issued between April 2013 and September 2014. In addition, older UGA tags featuring the bulldog head were renewed, which brings the total themed tags being sold or renewed to approximately 85,000 during the same period. For each UGA tag sold or renewed, $10 is designated for Georgia Access Scholarships, a need-based award that is a major component of the Gateway to Georgia program.


Students from communities throughout the state now hold Georgia Access Scholarships and are currently attending UGA with the help of those awards. Since 2012, more than 500 Access Scholarship awards, which average $1,200 per recipient, per semester, have been provided to UGA students who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of attending the state's flagship institution of higher education.


"What better way for our alumni, friends and fans to show their UGA pride than by purchasing the new UGA Power G tags or by renewing their existing University of Georgia license plates," said Tim Keadle, president of the University of Georgia Alumni Association. "UGA tags look good and tell the world that you support the state's flagship institution of higher education."


New UGA Power G tags are available at local county tag offices for a one-time $25 manufacturing fee and an annual $35 special tag fee in addition to standard fees and taxes (if applicable).


While UGA Bulldog head plates are no longer being manufactured and no new tags bearing that artwork are available, holders may renew them on a year-to-year basis. For Georgia citizens who have the older tags and wish to keep those plates, their annual renewals also provide $10 for the Georgia Access need-based scholarship fund.


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About the Georgia Access Need-Based Scholarship Fund
Part of the Gateway to Georgia program, Georgia Access is a need-based scholarship fund that provides critical financial support for high-achieving students who have superior academic credentials, but lack the monetary resources to pay for costs at the University of Georgia not covered by the HOPE Scholarship, Federal Pell Grants and/or other student aid. Georgia Access is designed for donors who want to ensure that deserving students are not denied an opportunity to earn a degree from their state's flagship institution simply because of costs. For more information on the Georgia Access Scholarship and other scholarships offered through Gateway to Georgia, see