Student Stories



Roswell, GA


Public and International Affairs


Political Science and Economics

Why did you choose to attend UGA?
Initially I really did not want to go to UGA and wanted to do something very different. After a visit to the beautiful campus I changed my mind. I knew that this place was special and that I would have some amazing opportunities here.
What is your most memorable UGA experience or memory?
My most memorable UGA experience actually just occurred this semester. I was able to speak to the Class of 2018 on the field of Sanford Stadium at the Freshman Welcome event. The group that planned the event put so much work into ensuring its success and it was really exciting to see it all come together. It was also a privilege to get to introduce Coach Richt in Sanford.
What is your favorite campus setting and why?
Moore College. There is just something about the honors program building that is so welcoming and comfortable. I enjoy reading on the cushy chairs in the building or studying on a bench outside with a view of Herty field. I always see a familiar face when I go to Moore, so I feel at home there.
What student organizations are you involved in?
I am currently serving as the president of the Student Alumni Council. I am a Leadership Fellow in the Terry College Institute for Leadership Advancement. I also write for the Georgia Political Review and previously served as a SPIA Ambassador.
What are your career plans/aspirations?
I aspire to one day work with a federal agency to help craft more efficient public policy.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
After working at a management consulting firm for a few years I see myself completing a prestigious public policy master's program and beginning a job at a federal agency or government consulting firm.
How will you make a positive difference in the world?
I want to work on higher education policy to ensure that a college education is affordable and the higher education system is sustainable.
What message would you like to send to alumni and friends who support UGA financially?
Thank you so much for giving to the University of Georgia. People like you preserve the 229 year old legacy UGA. I have had so many opportunities to grow as a student, leader, and person at UGA and it simply would not have been possible without your support.
Names of scholarship awards you have received?
IBM Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship, UGA Charter Scholarship, Honors International Scholarship, HOPE Scholarship.
What has your scholarship meant or enabled you to do?
My scholarships have meant I can receive an affordable college education. The Honors International Scholarship has enabled me to study abroad this past summer in China, which was a highlight of my college career.