Student Stories



Flowery Branch, Georgia


Forestry and Natural Resources


Master of Forest Resources in Forest Business

Why did you choose to attend UGA?
The University of Georgia offers something that not every university can: a close-knit and family-like community with all of the benefits of a large university. Here at UGA, I am close to home, surrounded by an excellent faculty, staff and student body, and I get to cheer on the Dawgs with 92,000 of my closest friends!
What is your most memorable UGA experience or memory?
My all-time favorite memory at UGA so far was my undergraduate graduation ceremony. Being surrounded by my peers that I had bonded with for four years in such a wonderful celebration was unlike any other experience I have had. We had worked hard together, laughed together and even sometimes cried together and our work was paying off. We all felt so celebrated in that moment. The fireworks that went off were the only thing that could match the energy that each of us were feeling inside!
What is your favorite campus setting and why?
My absolute favorite campus setting is right on the bridge beside the stadium. From that bridge, I can feel united with my classmates. On one side, there is the stadium where our team brings together thousands of people from all backgrounds to cheer for a common goal. One the other side of the bridge is the student center, where likewise, thousands of people are brought together. We come from all walks of life into this supportive and encouraging community. It is an incredible feeling to be a part of the UGA community, and from the bridge you can see it all.
What student organizations are you involved in?
I am involved in the UGA chapter of the SAF Forestry Club, the UGA student chapter of The Wildlife Society, and Xi Sigma Pi, an honors forestry fraternity.
What are your career plans/aspirations?
My goal is to work as a procurement forester for a major mill in the Southeast. After working in procurement for some time, I would like to eventually open my own forestry consulting firm to assist landowners in managing their land and achieving their goals.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Five years from now, I see myself working in a forester position that I love. My dream is to stay in Georgia, so I want to explore as much as possible to find where I want to plant my roots. One of my biggest goals upon graduation is to stay involved as an alum and mentor students in forestry. Alumni have had a huge impact on my time here at UGA, so I would like to someday make that same impact on future students. No matter where I end up, at this time five years from now, I expect to be cheering on the Dawgs every Saturday!
How will you make a positive difference in the world?
First and foremost, it is my biggest goal to share the love of Jesus Christ. I believe that this is the greatest difference that I can make in both my personal life and my professional life. Secondly, I hope to make my mark as forester who is conserving our forests for future generations. Forest products are a renewable resource that, when managed in a sustainable way, will continue to provide many necessary resources.
What message would you like to send to alumni and friends who support UGA financially?
THANK YOU! You have made such an impact on me personally, and I have seen the impact you have made on so many others. Without your support, UGA would not be the outstanding university that it is. Because of you, students like me are able to achieve far more than I ever thought possible!
Names of scholarship awards you have received?
The Hogan Graduate Support scholarship.
What has your scholarship meant or enabled you to do?
Receiving the Hogan Graduate Support scholarship has taken some of the financial pressure off of me as a student. This has allowed me to focus on school work and take advantage of more extracurricular activities.