Scholarship Recipients


Abby Elizabeth Pinaud

Intended Major/Degree


Home Town




Why did you choose to attend UGA?
For starters, both my parents graduated from UGA, so I have always been a UGA fan. More importantly, when I visited the campus for the first time, I fell in love with both the campus and Athens in general. While I had visited other colleges and had been impressed by some factors they had to offer, I felt far more at home at UGA and really could see myself thriving there. UGA truly is a spectacular school, and I feel confident that the curriculum, staff, fellow students, and overall atmosphere will encourage me to reach my full potential in every way possible.
What are your college career plans/aspirations?
For now, I am not entirely sure what major or career I would like to pursue, but I am leaning towards science, possibly biology. I would like to look into biological or medical research or possibly pharmacy. In the meantime, I want to get involved in multiple clubs and organizations to help better decide more specifically what I would like to pursue. Additionally, I want to get involved in extracurricular activities to better reach other students to form communities in which we can help one another grow and serve the community.
What would you say as a thank-you message to the University’s generous donors who
financially support your UGA experience?
I am extremely grateful for all those who gave above and beyond what was ever even asked from them just so that students they have never even met can have greater opportunities to better not only themselves, but also the communities with which those students will come in contact later in their lives. Even the smallest donation can have an exponential effect in the life of a young adult just beginning a life on their own, and I am forever thankful to those who helped me get one step closer to the education I hope to accomplish.
What kind of difference would you like to make at UGA or in the world?
Although I am not exactly sure what profession or even major I would like to pursue, I do know that I want to be involved in whatever community I find myself in. Even if I may not be a specifically prominent person in the community, I only hope I can affect those around me in a positive way. I strive to show others that I care and to spread a love and understanding that is not often found in most parts of the world. Above all, I would like to just be a friend, both to those I have known for years and those I have never met before, because people often overlook the immense effect a friendly hand can have on one's outlook on life.
Name/s of scholarship awards you have received
Charter Scholarship
What has your scholarship meant to you or enabled you to do?
My scholarship has allowed me to look forward to my college career more without fear of the financial strain. As a result of the scholarship, I have been able to continue to build my savings rather than immediately spend them on college costs. Since I have been able to continue saving, I will be able to graduate with far less financial debt and give back to the community, rather than focus on repaying my own debt.