Scholarship Recipients


Monisha Narayanan

Intended Major/Degree

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Home Town

Johns Creek



Why did you choose to attend UGA?
I chose to attend UGA because it is a fantastic undergraduate institution and it fosters a diverse educational environment. The University of Georgia has an eclectic collection of programs of study and extracurricular activities that appeal to every one of its students. Not to mention that the campus is absolutely beautiful.
What are your college career plans/aspirations?
I aspire to be a pediatric cardiologist, so my college plans are geared towards that final goal. I hope to take a lot of science courses, participate in many of the volunteer groups on campus, take part in undergraduate research, in addition to having an amazing college and educational experience.
What would you say as a thank-you message to the University’s generous donors who
financially support your UGA experience?
I would sincerely like to thank the University's donors for their contributions, for without them, none of this would be possible. These very generous and kind-hearted individuals are truly the foundation of the University, and they are the ones who support every student in their academic endeavors. They enable UGA to be the successful institution that it is, and they are the ones who allow UGA to have such a vast diversity of excellent staff members, a beautiful campus, and last but not least a great variety of programs that truly enrich our undergraduate experience. Thank you very much!
What kind of difference would you like to make at UGA or in the world?
I would hope that I can leave a mark at UGA, and the world, by being as involved as I possibly can. I want to experience all that this esteemed university has to offer, and I would like to make my own contributions through volunteer work and student leadership in return. I hope that I can touch the lives of my peers and truly make a difference.
Name/s of scholarship awards you have received
Baldwin Scholarship
What has your scholarship meant to you or enabled you to do?
I am truly thankful for this merit scholarship, for it shows that all of my hard work in high school has paid off and that I can now go on to lead a successful academic career at this esteemed university.