Scholarship Recipients


Nikhil Reddy Gangasani

Intended Major/Degree

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Public Health

Home Town




Why did you choose to attend UGA?
I chose UGA because of the excellent academic and research opportunities, the vibrant sports culture, and the unique opportunities to study abroad.
What are your college career plans/aspirations?
Since I would like to take advantage of UGA's combined degree program, I plan to earn a BS in biochemistry and molecular biology and a master's degree in public health. I also want to engage in research through CURO in stem cell applications and in health policy. Finally, I would love to study abroad in my junior and/or senior year of college at UGA.
What would you say as a thank-you message to the University’s generous donors who
financially support your UGA experience?
Thank you so much for your contribution to UGA. You help bring an excellent education and learning experience to so many students. Through your help, we can definitely make a positive impact on society.
What kind of difference would you like to make at UGA or in the world?
I want to make the world a happier and healthier place. I want to help education strive in poor and underdeveloped areas.
Name/s of scholarship awards you have received
CURO Honors Scholarship
What has your scholarship meant to you or enabled you to do?
This scholarship allows me to create a one on one relationship with UGA faculty to conduct research. I always get to conduct research early on in my stay at UGA. To me, this scholarship lets me explore biological science and health policy in a more in-depth, hands-on way.