Scholarship Recipients


Ayse Yonter

Intended Major/Degree

Mathematics and Economics

Home Town




Why did you choose to attend UGA?
My decision to attend UGA is largely because of the Foundation Fellowship. I originally considered UGA because of the college town atmosphere, debate team, mathematics department, and research opportunities.
What are your college career plans/aspirations?
After graduating from UGA, I plan on getting a Ph.D. in mathematics. Then I would like to become a college math professor.
What would you say as a thank-you message to the University’s generous donors who
financially support your UGA experience?
Coming from a lower-middle class family in a small town in Missouri, I often felt my opportunities were limited. According to the FAFSA, my estimated family contribution is $48 a year. My parents couldn't afford to send me to college. When I was in fifth grade, I was inspired by a local college professor to dream of becoming a math professor. I knew that in my largely uneducated town, that education was empowering and needed. I believe there is no stronger force to change the world than education, but sadly, I knew that without financial aid, I would not be able to receive the education to reach my dream. Thank you donors for making my dreams possible.
What kind of difference would you like to make at UGA or in the world?
I believe education has the power to change the world, that's why I want to teach. I dream of impacting education worldwide, especially for women. As a female in a STEM field, I hope to encourage others to do the same.
Name/s of scholarship awards you have received
Foundation Fellowship
What has your scholarship meant to you or enabled you to do?
The scholarship allowed me to be able to afford college. With an estimated family contribution of $48 a year, finances were a huge worry. The Foundation Fellowship will allow me to have amazing opportunities while in college and not accrue student loan debt. I often worried about how I would be able to pay for college and the sacrifices my family might have to make, but with the Foundation Fellowship, that is no longer a worry. I will be able to go through college not worrying about finances.