Scholarship Recipients


Wanyi Jiang

Intended Major/Degree

Economics and International Business and International Affairs

Home Town




Why did you choose to attend UGA?
At the University of Georgia I can have the best of both worlds and pursue all my passions. As an active participant both inside and outside the classroom, I look to the University of Georgia for its ideal environment to stimulate me intellectually and socially. I hold many interests in the social sciences and I can explore them through various courses and seminars at UGA. My passion for music will also continue to grow through UGA’s many fine wind ensembles. On Saturday Nights, I would entertain the crowd with the Redcoat Marching Band. I am happy to call the University of Georgia "home" for the next four years.
What are your college career plans/aspirations?
As the first person to attend college in my family, I’ve opened the door for endless opportunities for my future. I hope to double major in Economics and International Business and International Relations to gain a better understanding of our modern world politically and financially. I want to travel the world and see all that Earth has to offer and I plan on exploring our world by working with a major corporation or through our federal government.
What would you say as a thank-you message to the University’s generous donors who
financially support your UGA experience?
I am so honored to be chosen as a scholarship recipient for the One UGA Scholarship. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to further expand my horizons. I take education very seriously because I know how lucky I am to grow up in a country that gives every child a chance at education. Because I grew up in a low-income family, as a child I feared that I would not be able to attend college. However, my mom told me that even if she had to beg for money, she would do it for my education. As a student, I am very involved with my school and community. My parents didn't have to tell me to get good grades. I know better and I push myself every day. Because of your generosity, you have lessened the financial burden of college.
What kind of difference would you like to make at UGA or in the world?
All through my life, I’ve only known one job opportunity. Every single one of my relatives either owns a Chinese buffet or works at one. As I watched my cousins graduate one by one I realized that they were returning to restaurant life. I was shocked by their decisions. I felt that it was their responsibility as graduates to give back to the society. “I’m not going to open a Chinese buffet,” I told them, “I’m going to change the world.” Their only response was mocking laughter. Although I did not understand the workings of the world as an eight-year-old, I knew that I wanted to be more than a waitress. My compassion for people defines who I am. Ever since I was young, I have had a desire to help people. Although I don’t know how exactly I am going to change the world, I know I have an aspiration to serve others. Yes, I come from a lineage of poor farmers, but my background does not limit me or my capabilities.
Name/s of scholarship awards you have received
UGA One Scholarship
What has your scholarship meant to you or enabled you to do?
I have experienced many firsts in my life. When I moved from China, being first meant being a first generation immigrant. When I was in kindergarten, being first meant being the line leader. When I am in band, being first means being the principal player. Despite experiencing a multitude of firsts, I am most proud of being the first in my family to follow my passions thanks to the support from the generous donors.