2016 Grant Cycle
  • February 12, 2016
    Deadline for submission of applications. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.
  • Late February 2016
    Compilation, review and distribution of applications to screening committee.
  • Early March 2016
    Meeting of Screening Committee to compile slate of applications moving forward to Parents' Council for vote.
  • Early March 2016
    Compilation of abbreviated project descriptions, applicants, proposal amounts for review by full Council at spring meeting.
  • Late March 2016
    Spring Meeting of Parents' Leadership Council-formal vote for funding proposed projects.

The Parents Leadership Council is a group of highly engaged parents who are eager to be involved on campus and make a direct impact on undergraduate student life. A primary focus of the Parents Leadership Council is to support the Parents and Families Grants Program. Through their financial commitment of $2500 annually, they are able to help determine where financial assistance from UGA parents is most needed by administering grants to critical departments on campus. For example, the council supports:

  • The Needs Based Scholarship Endowment, a fund that provides financial assistance to students who have substantial need and who, even with the HOPE scholarship and Federal Pell Grant, are unable to afford the total cost of attending the University of Georgia
  • The University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services, a group of dedicated and clinically trained professionals who provide individual and group therapy, psychiatric services, psychological testing and nutritional counseling for UGA students.
  • The Division of Academic Enhancement Tutorial Program, a program that offers free tutoring for over 25 academic subjects to ensure that first-rate academic support is available to all undergraduate students.
  • Designated Dawgs, a volunteer organization that provides safe, free rides from downtown Athens.
  • The Student Affairs Emergency Fund, a fund that provides resources to students who experience unexpected financial hardships from unforeseen medical costs or travel costs due to a family emergency, for example.

The council also supports the President’s Venture Fund, which allows the President to award immediate financial assistance to important projects on campus, as well as Parent Leadership Council programming. The council meets twice a year for a fall and spring weekend.

For more information on the Parents Leadership Council, contact Diane Johnson at dfjohn@uga.edu or 706-542-9032.

About Our Grants

A primary focus of the UGA Parents and Families Association is to support the Parents and Families Grants Program. Donations to the Parents and Family Fund are used to provide grants to University schools, colleges, units, departments/divisions or recognized student organizations for projects and programs which enhance the quality of life for undergraduates.

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