UGA alumni interacts with current student.
by Whitney Prescott

Are you meeting with alumni or donor(s) soon? From engagement and stewardship opportunities to helpful resources, learn how the UGA Career Center can help you enhance your next alumni or donor interaction.

Trusted Career Center Liaison

During the summer of 2018, a new position, Associate Director of External Engagement, was created in the UGA Career Center to serve on our Employer Relations Team and to serve as a direct liaison to all DAR division counterparts. Whether you work in Development, Alumni Relations, Corporate Foundation Relations, or another important unit within our division, know that you have an opportunity to refer any UGA Alum, donor, or potential donor interested in learning more about hiring top talent from the University of Georgia to Whitney Prescott, our Associate Director of External Engagement, at any time. Once connected, Whitney will set up an in-person or phone meeting with them to learn more about their hiring needs and help them develop a customized recruiting strategy at UGA.

Let’s see what this might look like in action…

Scenario: You’re meeting with John. John owns a fast growing startup in the Atlanta area. He mentions that the company is growing so fast that he can’t seem to hire enough people.

Action: You can now refer John to Whitney Prescott, Associate Director of External Engagement in the UGA Career Center, through an email introduction,

hireUGA Packets

Our hireUGA Packets were created to extend our Employer Relations Team bandwidth and reach, easily inform someone how they can get started recruiting top talent from UGA, and to ensure a consistent message is being communicated among all division and campus counterparts. From ‘why recruit at UGA?’ to enhancing their brand on campus, this packet serves as a helpful resource.

What might this look like in real-life? Let’s take a look.

Scenario: You’re meeting with an alum or donor who may not be quite ready to take steps towards making a gift to the University of Georgia. What can you take with you as another point of discussion and engagement?

Action: Before the meeting, request some hireUGA Packets from Whitney Prescott in the UGA Career Center. Feel free to keep at least one of these packets with you in case you need to use it.

Engagement and Stewardship Opportunities

Our office provides a wide-range of engagement and stewardship opportunities for members of our Division to keep in mind as they interact with Alumni and Donors. A few opportunities include:

  • Presentations – To better prepare students, we offer over 20 “Arch Ready” programs and panel discussions each semester averaging 60 students per event. Alumni and Employers have an opportunity to present or co-present on a wide variety of career-related topics.
  • Resume Critiques & Mock Interviews – The UGA Career Center hosts special Resume Critique and Mock Interview Days throughout the year to help students prepare for the recruiting process. During these events, employer volunteers have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with students and provide useful feedback.
  • UGA Employer of the Day – This engagement opportunity allows employers to connect with students in the Tate Student Center, a central location for students.
  • Intern For A Day – Intern For A Day, a voluntary job shadowing experience allows students to spend time observing employees in the Athens or Atlanta area to gain understanding of the culture, organization, and industry.
  • Social Media – Our office has a strong national reputation for its social media presence. With the highest number of followers on Instagram and Twitter of any college career center in the country

How might you apply this during your next meeting? Let’s see.

Scenario: You’re looking for stewardship opportunities beyond the UGA Skysuite for a donor who recently made a significant gift to UGA. What new engagement opportunities are you now aware of in the Career Center that you might be able to offer?

Action: Beyond the UGA Skysuite, you can now offer opportunities such as presenting a presentation as part of the Arch Ready Workshop Series, Resume and Mock Interview Critiques, and more!

Career Development Services for UGA Students and Alumni

When meeting with alumni, employers, or donors with current or former UGA students, be sure they are aware of all the career development services and resources available to them for life!


  • Resume & Cover Letter Critiques
  • Portfolio Critiques
  • Major & Career Exploration
  • Professional Etiquette & Networking
  • Employer Communication & Research
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Graduate School Exploration
  • Interview Prep
  • Job & Internship Searching
  • Career Fair Prep
  • Social Media & LinkedIn
  • Evaluating Job Offers

Scenario: You’re working with a parent who has a UGA student who is worried about finding an internship. What can you tell this parent?

Action: Make sure they are aware of the wide variety of services and resources available to them or their student for life in the UGA Career Center, especially their college-specific Career Consultant.

Through implementing some of the actions mentioned above, we hope that you are able to enhance your next donor or alumni interaction. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Whitney Prescott, Associate Director of External Engagement in the UGA Career Center at