Jill Walton at Top Employers event
by Jill Walton

Corporate & Foundation Relations exists to help UGA fundraisers, faculty and staff find corporate and foundation partners that share our passion for creating innovative, life-changing educational experiences. But the University of Georgia comprises so many schools, colleges and units, each with unique goals and characteristics, that we know a personal touch is necessary in our work.

We employ a liaison model to make sure that you know exactly who to talk to when you’re ready to work with CFR and so that our team has someone on it who knows you, your team and your work and can thereby keep eyes and ears open for partnership opportunities uniquely suited to you.

If you’ve got questions about working with CFR, look for your unit in the list below and feel free to reach out to your unit’s liaison. We can’t wait to work with you!

  • 4-H – Jill Walton
  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Stacy Stanford
  • Arts and Sciences – Meghan Hauser
  • Athletics – Jill Walton
  • Business – Allison Chesnutt
  • Career Center – Elizabeth Willimon
  • Ecology – Matt Pruitt
  • Education – Matt Pruitt
  • Engineering – Jill Walton
  • Environment and Design – Brittany Rider
  • Executive Programs – Allison Chesnutt
  • Family and Consumer Sciences – Elizabeth Willimon
  • Forestry – Allison Chesnutt
  • Georgia Museum of Art – Brittany Rider
  • Grad School – Allison Chesnutt
  • Honors – Brittany Rider
  • Journalism and Mass Communication – Stacy Stanford/Michelle Versfeld
  • Law – Jill Walton
  • Libraries/Georgia Press/Georgia Review – Matt Pruitt
  • Performing Arts Center – Elizabeth Willimon
  • Pharmacy – Stacy Stanford
  • Public and International Affairs – Meghan Hauser
  • Public Health – Meghan Hauser
  • Public Service and Outreach – Jill Walton/Michelle Versfeld
  • Research – Meghan Hauser
  • Social Work – Michelle Versfeld
  • State Botanical Garden – Matt Pruitt
  • Student Affairs – Brittany Rider
  • Sustainability – Michelle Versfeld
  • Veterinary Medicine – Meghan Hauser