Changes to the “Donor” Active Constituency

Have you ever wondered when and why a person receives the “Donor” active constituency on their record in GAIL? Until now, this constituency was populated on the individual or organization record of the person who gives (based on hard credit dollars). For example, if spouse A gives and spouse B receives recognition credit, only spouse A would have […]

2015 Summer Graduates Updated in GAIL

All summer graduates have been added to the GAIL database. For questions please contact Ashley Davis.

Updated Campaign Goals

Campaign goals have been updated in GAIL and Advizor.

Advizor Tips

Do you want to use Google Chrome to access Advizor? Due to changes made by Google, the Microsoft Silverlight plugin used by Advizor Server requires explicit permission to run in Chrome. The good news is that there is now a fix.

Alumni and Annual Giving Report

The custom Alumni and Giving Report has been adjusted to reflect the revamped Degree Areas and FY15 giving.

Changes to GeorgiaFunder

GeorgiaFunder, UGA’s crowdfunding application, can now support donor count contests as well as dollar initiatives. The screen shot below will show you a sample GeorgiaFunder project that is utilizing this new functionality. For more information, please contact Anna Gray at

Rearranged Revenue Tabs for Constituent Records

You may have noticed revenue tabs are rearranged in GAIL 4.0. There is now a Gifts subtab under the Revenue tab.

Giving Anonymously

Understanding the various levels of anonymity can be tricky. We get it. Continue reading to learn how to easily tell whether a person and/or gift is anonymous.