Tons of New Emails Added to GAIL!

Have you noticed that you’re seeing higher counts of email addresses for your selections in GAIL?  The Advancement Services team is excited to share our success with collecting new email addresses for our constituents!  We’ve increased our email percentage in GAIL from just below 50% of our entire constituent database to now 64.1%, which equates […]

Georgia Commitment Campaign Scholarships

A new category for fundraising and campaign reporting was created for Georgia Commitment Scholarships.  The new category was created for scholarships that do not state a preference for students within a particular school or college.  Scholarships with a preference for a particular school or college will continue to be included in that school or college’s […]

OS – Fund Purpose Attribute (ONESolution)

GAIL users, if you need to determine whether or not a fund is used for need or merit scholarships, please refer to the Attributes tab on the fund’s profile and look for the OS – Fund Purpose attribute. In the example below, the fund is coded as a Need-based scholarship for freshmen.

Quick Search Additions: Events & Direct Marketing Efforts

Two new options have been added to the Quick Search drop-down menu in GAIL for Events and Direct Marketing Efforts! Please keep in mind that when selecting these new options they will remain sticky.

November Data Uploads

PeopleFinder results were uploaded November 4th impacting 11,280 address unknowns and over 100 records were marked deceased. AddressFinder, which updates addresses based on the National Change of Address program, will run over the weekend of November 10th.

Tips for Using Excel for GAIL Mailings

On a daily basis, GAIL users are downloading excel files containing GAIL records to send some type of communication to.  Below are some quick tips and tricks that will save you some time when manipulating data files for mailings.

Linking Event Photos to Your GAIL Event

Several of you have asked and we have a simple solution to offer you for linking your photos from your events to the event record in GAIL!  If you have a SmugMug account, for example, you may copy the url link to add it under the Documentation tab inside your event by adding a media […]

Adding a Salutation in BEE

Would you like to add a personal touch to your email content by adding a salutation? You can now incorporate merge fields, for salutations, into your BEE emails!