FY17 GAIL Statistics

How did GAIL contribute to fundraising during FY17? Through multiple marketing efforts, events, and phoneathons, GAIL recorded $3.1 million “cash in the door” gifts. GAIL was also able to reach hundreds of thousands of constituents through both email and postal mailings. Want to see how the numbers breakdown?  

UGA Foundation Year-End Schedule

The fiscal year is quickly drawing to a close. Please see UGA Foundation’s year-end schedule below. To reiterate that credit card payments successfully charged online by a donor by 11:59 PM on June 30 will be counted in FY17. Credit card payments to be charged by Gift Accounting should be delivered to Milledge Center by […]

New State Tabs in Advizor – Prospect Identification

State tabs for Florida, California, Texas, New York City, and New England have been added to Prospect Identification! Use these  maps to locate constituent records residing in these states.

When to use the Giving Link Generator

UGA’s Giving Link Generator creates a URL hyperlink that can connect your external communications/solicitations to your GAIL marketing effort. These external communications can include: printed materials, social media pages, and websites.

FY16 & FY17 Annual Giving by Unit

Two new projects titled FY16 Annual Giving by Unit and FY17 Annual Giving by Unit have been added to Advizor.

UGA’s School/College Degrees, Degree Areas and Majors/Departments

Do you ever find yourself needing a convenient reference listing all degrees/majors for your school or college?  That list has just been compiled for you from the GAIL system and is based on data from the UGA Office of the Registrars.  

Prospect Management Policies and Procedures

The Prospect Managment Policies and Procedures manual has been updated as of June 20, 2017. Click on the document below to review or download as a PDF document.

File a Contact Report using GAIL Mobilize

Development Officers, have you used GAIL mobilize to file contact reports using the dictation feature on your mobile device? Follow the instructions below to take advantage of this great feature!