GAIL Data Additions

Data Additions The Human Resources data has updated 10,567 records. Information is current as of February 2. December graduates have uploaded 2,370 records LinkedIn URL’s have been added to over 60,000 constituent records in GAIL Business Relationships have increased from 70,000 to over 90,000 in the last month Current student information will be updated by the first week […]

GAIL System Update

Over the weekend of February 18th, GAIL has been updated to Service Pack 11. If you experience any issues from this, please send an email to

Revenue & Recognition Video Tutorial

Need a refresher on Revenue and Recognition in GAIL? Client Services has developed an instructional video for an overview of the Revenue tab on the constituent page, as well as the Revenue and Fundraising functional areas.

“Prospects of” Groups Now Include Plan Participants

The various “Prospects of” groups now automatically include as members any plan participants (e.g., spouses, foundation contacts, companies, etc.) that are listed on Development Officer’s active plans.

Event Smart Queries

As a reminder, contact information has been removed from the Registrants-More Details tab in the event module to eliminate data exports from this area without tagging records with communication codes.

Completed Certificate Status

“Completed” status on all completed certificate programs have been updated. Click on the Education tab on a Constituent’s page to view the certificate status.

Updated LinkedIn URL’s

LinkedIn URL’s have been hyperlinked to 58,832 Constituent Records. To access a constituent’s LinkedIn profile from GAIL, click on the LinkedIn Icon located in the Contact Information tile.

Updating Event Attendance for Multiple Registrants

Need a handy shortcut to update multiple registrants after they have attended an event? Use the Update event attendance function located in the Tasks menu of the event module!