Network Downtime Notice

Security of our electronic data is the utmost importance for all of us.  Working with UGA EITS to better secure our physical servers, we have found it necessary to move the equipment currently located at Milledge Centre to a different location. We expect 3 full days of total network downtime to relocate the production servers […]

Online Deposit Transmittal Form

As a reminder to all departments with frequent UGA Foundation activity, the new online deposit transmittal form has been live for several weeks now, and we’ve had positive feedback from our early adopters. If you’d like to begin with your next Foundation deposit, please visit This link is for the production system, so be […]

Revenue vs. Recognition – What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between revenue and recognition? Constituent revenue includes only those commitments and payments that were made personally by that constituent, and as a result, the Revenue Summary and Revenue History tabs exclude some important gifts. The complete view of a donor’s giving history is found in their Recognition Summary and Recognition History tabs.  […]

Simplified Prospect Management Steps for Development Officers

On the road visiting donors, or back in the office trying to manage your portfolio? Where do you start?  There are many very important items that need to be recorded in managing your prospects portfolio and having that data carry over into Advizor Staff Performance.  With cooperation and input, a new “cheat sheet” has been created in hopes […]

REMINDER: Exclusions in Marketing Efforts

Blackbaud CRM’s latest upgrade contained a glitch which overwrote many exclusion preferences on marketing efforts.  That glitch has been corrected, although activated marketing efforts may now incorrectly appear to have had no exclusions named in the address processing.  When creating new marketing efforts (especially by copying previous jobs), take care to review and replace those […]

Educational Institution in Query

With the recent Blackbaud update, changes were made to the Educational Institution field in query. Going forward, please use the “Educational Institution Record” located in the “Educational Institution” table which is a sub-table within the Education History or Education (Primary) tables. Click ‘Details’ for the step by step instructions on where to find it and […]

Attach your Funding Proposals to your Prospect Plans!

Please remember to attach Funding Proposals to each appropriate Prospect Plan(s).  Also, let’s be sure to limit the size of these files for uploading into GAIL, as GAIL isn’t the repository for hi-resolution documents. Pdf versions (no color) are sufficient.

Marketing Effort Automatic Refresh

There are several reports in GAIL that show the progress and success of marketing efforts, these generally rely on the user(s) to manually ‘refresh’ their efforts individually prior to running a Marketing Revenue report (for example).  However, a new nightly process has been added which will refresh these marketing efforts that have recent revenue posted to them, which […]