Spring 2018: New Constituent Information Uploads

During the first week of June, approximately 7000 students who graduated in May 2018 were marked in GAIL with the alumnus constituency. These individuals will now appear in your alumni selections when processed through a marketing effort or event communication. Along with new alumni records, a faculty/staff upload was also entered into GAIL in early […]

2018 GAIL Survey Results: Part 2

Survey says! Part two of the GAIL survey summary is here!   We read through all (yes ALL) of your feedback, suggestions, and questions and have complied a list of responses. These responses include helpful hints, troubleshooting advice, and brand new enhancements. If you have any questions regarding one of the survey responses, please email […]

Team Spotlight: Alumni Records

Who are the members of the Alumni Records team? Alumni Records is made up of 6 team members: (Left to Right) Brian Norman, Lauren Nickels, Kellie Judy, Ashley Morrow (Manager), Carrie Bero, and Janet Lee Epperson.   Team Fun Facts: Ashley loves UGA sports (particularly baseball and women’s basketball) and is also a bit of […]

New Degree Area Organization

Recent changes have been made to the Degree Area fields of the constituents’ education tab. The constituents’ profile will look the same, however adjustments have been made behind the scenes that will affect the way you request and compile your alumni lists.   What is the Degree Area field and where is it located? Degree […]

Coming Soon: Deceased Finder Quarterly Uploads

Beginning in September 2018, the Records team will be increasing their previous once a year Deceased Finder upload to quarterly. The first quarterly upload will occur this September, followed by additional runs in December 2018, March 2019, and June 2019.   Never heard of Deceased Finder before? Blackbaud’s Deceased Finder process works by looking at […]

Organizing and Locating Marketing Efforts

Where can I find my marketing effort? All current and previously created marketing efforts can be found in the marketing and communications functional area within the link direct marketing efforts.   When the direct marketing effort page appears, you’ll notice there is a long list of marketing efforts: 4300+ marketing efforts to be exact. That’s […]

Introducing: DME Dashboard

Following on the popularity of the UGA Dashboard and Plan Dashboard, the office of Advancement Services is happy to bring you: the DME Dashboard! This dashboard will be located on your marketing effort page in your list of tabs. We recommend clicking and dragging this tab to the front of your tabs list.     […]

Where are Death Certificates Located?

The Advancement Services Records team does a daily search of UGA constituents who have recently become deceased. If an obituary or death certificate is found for the constituent, the image will be attached to the vanguard images tab of the constituent’s record in GAIL. Recorded surviving relatives will also be documented and a note attached […]