UGA Foundation Year-End Closing Schedule for FY2015

Please take a moment to review our fiscal-year end processing deadlines and share with appropriate staff.

Display Name has Changed

No more do you have to deal with those pesky empty parentheses following the display name in GAIL! For any constituent who has a nickname indicated, you’ll see that reflected within the parentheses. If there is no nickname, you’ll see only the display name. Also, primary class year is now included in the display name. Years […]

Use Maiden Name as Search Criteria in GAIL

Do you find yourself needing to search for a constituent using “maiden name”? If so, this is for you! A new search criteria field has been added that will allow you to search using maiden name without having to involve any advanced search options. 

Advizor is live!

Advizor is a new visualization tool designed to identify trends and analyze the root cause of our data within GAIL. Training for this tool is happening now!  

Are your group members current donors for FY15?

Nothing works better than a personal solicitation. OK, that’s not a news flash; just a reminder.  As we’re all pushing toward the June 30 finish line, there are many solicitations in mailboxes and in the email queue to afford last minute giving opportunities.  But don’t wait on a piece of mail or an email from […]

Visualizations for Giving Totals

You know how much money has come in the door to a particular fund, but do you have a way to see it visually? Thanks to Phyllis Cooke at the Law School for this suggestion. IT has created various smart fields that will allow you to see your giving totals in graph format. 

Constituent Records Management

Do you ever wonder how often or when constituent records and lists are updated in GAIL? If so, read this:

Step and Contact Report Combination

There’s a new shortcut in GAIL that we’re calling the “Add Step and Interaction” button, and it’s for you, Development Officers! Remember how filing a contact report means you have to go into your Prospect Plan and file it there? Well, those days are long gone!