Display Name has Changed

No more do you have to deal with those pesky empty parentheses following the display name in GAIL! For any constituent who has a nickname indicated, you’ll see that reflected within the parentheses. If there is no nickname, you’ll see only the display name. Also, primary class year is now included in the display name. Years […]

GAIL Policies for Access and Sharing of Data

Please be reminded and informed of the Policies for having access to the GAIL database and data by reviewing the following information.

Prospect Summary Briefing (Report)

Are you ever asked to provide a complete summary of information for a prospect, donor, event attendee, etc.? A new Prospect Summary Briefing report will allow you to compile this with a few clicks.

Email Statistics by Date Report

Do you find yourself needing to compare statistics for 2 or more emails? If so, you’re in luck. A new report has been created that will allow you to do just this.

Gift Report by Site

If you need a report that is directly associated with Annual Giving, this one is for you! This report shows all annual giving (including individual transactions, donor names, and designations) for all payments to a particular area. You can easily get to this report by clicking into the Revenue functional area. The report will be […]

UGAF – Pledges by Site (Report)

If you find yourself wishing there was a report that would allow you to easily view pledge information, you’re in luck! The UGAF – Pledges by Site report has two main purposes:

Events – Preferred Name Format

Have you had issues surrounding only one spouse pulling into the addressee column in your excel file when pulling lists from GAIL? Thanks to IT there is a new name format (Events – Preferred Name Format) that will pull in both spouses – regardless of which spouse truly meets the selection criteria.

Registrants – More Details Tab has a new addition!

Do you find yourself needing to see giving totals for those individuals/organizations that have registered to attend your event? If so, this is for you! Two new columns have been added to the Registrants – More Details Tab (found within your event in GAIL) for this exact purpose. Continue reading to learn more.