Information from Gift Accounting

1. Silent auction season is here. If a department needs to use our wireless credit card machines for an event, please let Sheila Mason ( know as soon as possible so we can get them on the calendar. Devices are limited. 2. It’s tax time. Consolidated receipts for 2014 giving are available upon request. Please […]

News from Alumni Records

1. December graduates have been loaded into GAIL. We are still working through some additional clean up items due to changes that accompany the new Banner system. 2. HR data (as of February) has been loaded, and the clean up will start as soon as possible. 3. GAIL is NCOA compliant as of this morning […]

Address Processing Options

Do Address Processing Options leave you feeling confused? This can be a hard concept to wrap your head around, but let’s see if this helps!

Name Format Options

Have you ever wondered why you’re seeing a particular name format in your output? If so, this is for you.

Marketing Planner

If you would like to plan out your communications for the entire fiscal year you can now do this within GAIL by creating Marketing Plans. Marketing Plans allow you to create placeholders to map out a full year of communications and solicitations.

Corporate and Foundation Relations Consolidated Giving Report

If you find yourself needing to get a consolidated giving total for a parent company and its subsidiaries, this report is for you. A new report, CDFR – Consolidated Giving Report, has just been created and is available for all to use.

My Fundraiser Page

Development Officers have the benefit of a tool called the “My Fundraiser Page” (found on the Prospects Functional Area page, under the Prospect Management section) that allows them to keep track of all their assigned donor/prospects.  

Top Campaign Strategy Profile Report in GAIL

A new report has been created that will be used for Campaign Reporting, mainly by Development Officers (DO).