2017 Year-End Processing Dates

Please take a moment to review the fiscal year-end processing deadlines and share with appropriate staff.

NEW! Shortcut for Adding Interactions & Contact Reports

For speedier input of your Interactions and/or Contact Reports, a new shortcut has been established where you can click to add Interaction from the “Documentation and Interactions” Tile on any constituent record.  This will allow you 2 choices:  1) Plan Step w/ Interaction (use this to file a Contact Report for your Plan), or 2) […]

New Stewardship Recipient Tile (Fund Rep)

A new tile has been created that will allow you to see at a glance whether the constituent you’re viewing in GAIL is a Stewardship Recipient of a fund, and will include a scrolling list of all funds they are a Stewardship Recipient for, as applicable.  This constituent information still lives on the Stewardship Recipients […]

Pulling Payroll Withholding Recurring Gifts in Query

It was recently brought to our attention that when querying for payroll withholding recurring gift transactions (i.e. the recurring gift itself, not the payments) using Inbound Channel is not capturing all Payroll Withholding recurring gifts. To avoid missing payroll recurring gift transactions, please use transaction type “Recurring Gift” and “Credit Type” under the Credit Card […]

Video Content Block Now Available in BEE!

Great news! You can now add video content to your templates in BEE!

Donation Pages for Event Payments

GAIL Users, please refrain from using donation pages to collect event revenue. Instead, please make sure to set up an appropriate event in GAIL and request an online registration page through AskIT.

Introducing G-Wiz!

GAIL Users, you’ve been to training, followed the instructional guides, and watched the videos. In our continued efforts to enhance the user experience, The Office of Client Services is proud to announce G-Wiz in February 2018!

Spot Check Your Data

When creating Direct Marketing Efforts and Event Invitations, please ensure to export and spot check all data prior to launch and activation. Reviewing data outputs in communication modules will identify erroneous data such as duplicate records and missing postal or email addresses. Contact the Office of Client Services for assistance reviewing data outputs, if something […]