Changes to the “Donor” Active Constituency

Have you ever wondered when and why a person receives the “Donor” active constituency on their record in GAIL? Until now, this constituency was populated on the individual or organization record of the person who gives (based on hard credit dollars). For example, if spouse A gives and spouse B receives recognition credit, only spouse A would have […]

2015 Summer Graduates Updated in GAIL

All summer graduates have been added to the GAIL database. For questions please contact Ashley Davis.

4.0… Ready, Set, Go!

Take a look at this short video to see what new features are coming with GAIL 4.0!

Ready, Set, Upgrade… GAIL 4.0 is on the way!

You may not be aware of this, but you are currently using the 3.0 version of GAIL, but not for long as we’ll be upgrading to the newest version in just a few short weeks. Continue reading for a full run down of the events that will lead to the upgrade.

New “Notes” Report

A new notes report has been created to allow you to search for constituent notes over a time period based on date, note type (Class Note, Awards/Scholarships, Obituaries, etc), note author (mostly GAIL users), and the note source (CRM or via the Web).

Faculty/Staff Giving Report Available

A new faculty/staff giving report is now available in GAIL. The giving totals that pull into this report are based off of campaign logic and look at the campaign tags from the previous fiscal year (FY15). 

Development Goals + Advizor + GAIL

If you’re a development officer and wondering what your goals are for this fiscal year, you’re in luck. Each development officer has (or will have) goals listed in GAIL going forward. 

Prospect Manager vs. Primary Plan Manager

Do you find yourself asking questions regarding the difference in the Prospect Manager and the Primary Plan Manager? If so, this is for you. Watch this short video to learn more.