December Graduate Information

December Graduates have been loaded into GAIL. An estimated 2,300 records should be available for data exports by the end of this week.

GAIL & Advizor User Survey

In our continued efforts to improve user experience, we encourage everyone to participate in the GAIL and Advizor user survey scheduled to launch early March. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your responses!

“Prospects of” Groups Include Plan Participants

The various “Prospects of” groups now automatically include as members any plan participants (e.g., spouses, foundation contacts, companies, etc.) that are listed on Development Officer’s active plans.

Event Smart Queries

All contact information has been removed from the Registrants-More Details tab in the Event Module to eliminate data exports from this area.

Completed Certificate Status

“Completed” status on all completed certificate programs have been updated. Click on the Education tab on a Constituent’s page to view the certificate status.

Updated LinkedIn URL’s

LinkedIn URL’s have been hyperlinked to 58,832 Constituent Records. To access a constituent’s LinkedIn profile from GAIL, click on the LinkedIn Icon located in the Contact Information tile.

Updating Event Attendance for Multiple Registrants

Need a handy shortcut to update multiple registrants after they have attended an event? Use the Update event attendance function located in the Tasks menu of the event module!

BEE Email Editor

The Advancement Services team is excited to announce that we are in the final stages of testing a new email editor in GAIL. That’s right, no more toggling between screens full of HTML code and the email mover! We’ve streamlined the entire process and plan to go live on February 7th with BEE!