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G-Wiz Update: Copying Direct Marketing Efforts Instructions & Guided Arrows

GAIL users, if you’re planning to send your next newsletter or solicitation, save yourself some time and use the copy option for Direct Marketing Efforts. Lucky for you, G-Wiz now includes an instructional guide for this process. Also new to G-Wiz are the guided arrows to prompt you for the next steps. Here’s an example below:   […]


Extra Padding in BEE Email Content

GAIL users, have you noticed a blank space above your email content while previewing it in the Edit email window? Not to worry, your email recipients will not see this in their message – just make sure not to delete it!


GAIL Training for Student Workers

Have you hired a new Student Worker at your school/college/unit who needs GAIL access and training? If so, please follow the detailed steps below to get them started.  Student workers are highly encouraged to complete the GAIL 101 Online Training module allowing them “View Access” in GAIL. If Student Workers need to update records or […]

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Changes to Payroll Withholding Recurring Gifts in Query

It was recently brought to our attention that when querying for payroll withholding recurring gift transactions (i.e. the recurring gift itself, not the payments) using Inbound Channel is not capturing all Payroll Withholding recurring gifts. To avoid missing payroll recurring gift transactions, please use transaction type “Recurring Gift” and “Credit Type” under the Credit Card […]


Video Content Block Now Available in BEE!

GAIL users, would you like to add video content to your email templates? Well we’ve got some great news for you, this feature is now available in BEE!


Donation Pages for Event Payments

GAIL Users, please refrain from using donation pages to collect event revenue. Instead, please make sure to set up an appropriate event in GAIL and request an online registration page through AskIT.

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Introducing G-Wiz!

GAIL Users, you’ve been to training, followed the instructional guides, and watched the videos. In our continued efforts to enhance the user experience, The Office of Client Services is proud to announce G-Wiz in February 2018!


Spot Check Your Data

When creating Direct Marketing Efforts and Event Invitations, please ensure to export and spot check all data prior to launch and activation. Reviewing data outputs in communication modules will identify erroneous data such as duplicate records and missing postal or email addresses. Contact the Office of Client Services for assistance reviewing data outputs, if something […]


Horizontal Image Display in BEE

GAIL Users, would you like the option to display images in your email content horizontally while viewed on a mobile device? If so, that option is now available in BEE! As a precaution, the vertical stacking is the most user-friendly and consistent setting for your image display so please use this feature carefully.


OS – Fund Purpose Attribute (ONESolution)

GAIL users, if you need to determine whether or not a fund is used for need or merit scholarships, please refer to the Attributes tab on the fund’s profile and look for the OS – Fund Purpose attribute. In the example below, the fund is coded as a Need-based scholarship for freshmen.

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