GAIL Training for Student Workers

As of October 1, 2017, the Office of Client Services will begin to schedule GAIL Student Worker Training on an as-needed basis to accommodate classroom and work schedules.  

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New GAIL Flowcharts

Are you a visual learner who likes to see information at a glance? If so, take a look and the new flowcharts and infographics below to help keep you on track next time you’re working on a project in GAIL!


Updating Contact Information on Constituent Records

GAIL users, when updating constituent addresses, phone numbers, or emails please make sure to NOT select the “General” type, as this is reserved for information provided by the Athletic Association’s Paciolan database.


Interaction Page Enhancements

Need to search for a specific interaction? No problem! Use the handy filters in the newly added Comments field to search all interactions for a specific keyword. In addition, you now have the ability to choose which columns you want to see on your interactions page.


GAIL & Advizor User Survey Results – General

Based on feedback from the GAIL and Advizor user survey results, we have published the first set of most common requests for clarification on business processes. 


Best Practices for Entering Interactions on Organization Records

GAIL users, please make sure to enter interactions on Organization records in the Primary record of the search results. To verify the primary record follow the steps below… 


Revenue & Recognition Video Tutorial

Need a refresher on Revenue and Recognition in GAIL? Client Services has developed an instructional video for an overview of the Revenue tab on the constituent page, as well as the Revenue and Fundraising functional areas.

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Completed Certificate Status

“Completed” status on all completed certificate programs have been updated. Click on the Education tab on a Constituent’s page to view the certificate status.


Updated LinkedIn URL’s

LinkedIn URL’s have been hyperlinked to 58,832 Constituent Records. To access a constituent’s LinkedIn profile from GAIL, click on the LinkedIn Icon located in the Contact Information tile.


Add a constiuency

Need to add an Active Constituency to your Constituent profile? Follow these simple steps…

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