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Follow-Up Reminders for Prospects That Are Not In A Plan

Fundraisers, follow the steps below to view general interactions that are not attached to plans.


Plan Name Column on Interactions 

A new column titled Plan Name has been added to the Interaction record displaying the Prospect Plan’s name and hyperlink.


Event Smart Query for Registered or Attended Constituents

Event Managers, a smart query has been created specifically for each of your schools/colleges/units.  Please be sure you use only the one with your naming convention (ex:  “A&S – Event Attendees”).  There is only one smart query per unit so others on your team will also have access to use it. **This process will overwrite […]


Giving Anonymously

Understanding the various levels of anonymity can be tricky. We get it. Continue reading to learn how to easily tell whether a person and/or gift is anonymous.


CDGP Donor Recognition Preferences

  Office of Gift and Estate Planning Deferred Donor Recognition Preferences   In stewarding a deferred gift donor, there is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that a donor’s recognition preferences are honored. Accordingly, this document serves to clarify the various recognition options available to a planned giving donor and summarizes the method for capturing […]


Development Goals + Advizor + GAIL

If you’re a development officer and wondering what your goals are for this fiscal year, you’re in luck. Each development officer has (or will have) goals listed in GAIL going forward. 


Ready, Set, Upgrade… GAIL 4.0 is on the way!

You may not be aware of this, but you are currently using the 3.0 version of GAIL, but not for long as we’ll be upgrading to the newest version in just a few short weeks. Continue reading for a full run down of the events that will lead to the upgrade.


Adding Clearance Requests – 4.0

A clearance request should be entered for major giving prospects and prospects for which you want to be the prospect manager for. Being the prospect manager of a donor signifies that you are the main liaison between that donor or prospective donor and UGA. Continue reading for step by step instructions for how to complete […]


5 Steps to Processing Event Invitations via Mail – 4.0

Request your Selection from IT There’s a couple of different ways to make a request with IT. If you’re on the GAIL website ( click the “Request Data” tab and then choose the “Request Data From GAIL” button. From here, you’ll click “Open a New Ticket” and then fill in the required information. Or, if […]

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