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Event Smart Query for Registered or Attended Constituents

Event Managers, a smart query has been created specifically for each of your schools/colleges/units.  Please be sure you use only the one with your naming convention (ex:  “A&S – Event Attendees”).  There is only one smart query per unit so others on your team will also have access to use it. **This process will overwrite […]


Event Smart Queries

As a reminder, contact information has been removed from the Registrants-More Details tab in the event module to eliminate data exports from this area without tagging records with communication codes.


Updating the Package Code for Multiple Segments in a Direct Marketing Effort

When copying a direct marketing effort, please ensure to update the package code (this makes the Source code unique to the new effort) to ensure that all gifts trace to the correct effort. If the direct marketing effort contains multiple segments in it, updating the package code once and refreshing your page will apply to the other […]


Ready, Set, Upgrade… GAIL 4.0 is on the way!

You may not be aware of this, but you are currently using the 3.0 version of GAIL, but not for long as we’ll be upgrading to the newest version in just a few short weeks. Continue reading for a full run down of the events that will lead to the upgrade.


5 Steps to Processing Direct Marketing Efforts via Email – 4.0

Navigate to the Marketing and Communications functional area. Click on Email Marketing. Add a direct marketing email. Search for and select the desired export definition. **This is used to populate merge fields within the email and will determine what fields display in the downloaded output.** Click continue. You can choose “ASRV – Basic Email Export […]

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