All GAIL classes will be held at the Milledge Centre building (394 S. Milledge Ave, Athens).  We highly encourage attendees to ride the UGA bus (free) or carpool since our parking lot is frequently full leaving no empty spaces.  There is a UGA Bus stop right in front of our building (across the street), with very easy access.  If you have no option except to drive in, please be sure to see the receptionist upon entering the building to request a temporary parking pass.

If you are registering for a GAIL 101 class (including All Users, Student Worker, and Online) you will need to submit a completed GAIL access form

Before attending any GAIL trainings, you must have Archpass Duo installed on your mobile device and access to the 02 restricted VPN.

Archpass Duo:

02 restricted VPN group:

Setting up Archpass only takes a few minutes. Getting access to the 02 restricted group could take a few days depending on how fast EITS processes. It’s recommended to start this process as soon as possible. Supervisors will need to request 02 VPN access for their employees.

Step 1

Fill out a User Access Request Form and submit to for processing.

GAIL Access Request Form:

Step 2

Register for a training class.

GAIL Training Class Registration:

*Steps 2 & 3 are required for class attendance*

Step 3

Your Supervisor’s request for you to be granted access to ’02 Restricted Virtual Private Network’ through UGA.

VPN Access Request:

Step 4

Register for and Download Archpass (Duo Mobile) to your smartphone.

Archpass Duo Mobile:
*You will need this for class time*

Attend Training Class(es)

Come to the class(es) that you registered for in Step 2.