GAIL 101

Use Maiden Name as Search Criteria in GAIL

Do you find yourself needing to search for a constituent using “maiden name”? If so, this is for you! A new search criteria field has been added that will allow you to search using maiden name without having to involve any advanced search options. 

Updating Contact Information on Constituent Records

GAIL users, when updating constituent addresses, phone numbers, or emails please make sure to NOT select the “General” type, as this is reserved for information provided by the Athletic Association’s Paciolan database.

Updated LinkedIn URL’s

LinkedIn URL’s have been hyperlinked to 58,832 Constituent Records. To access a constituent’s LinkedIn profile from GAIL, click on the LinkedIn Icon located in the Contact Information tile.

RSS Feeds in GAIL

Want to subscribe to certain pages so you’ll know when new information is available? If so, this is for you.

Revenue & Recognition Video Tutorial

Need a refresher on Revenue and Recognition in GAIL? Client Services has developed an instructional video for an overview of the Revenue tab on the constituent page, as well as the Revenue and Fundraising functional areas.

Ready, Set, Upgrade… GAIL 4.0 is on the way!

You may not be aware of this, but you are currently using the 3.0 version of GAIL, but not for long as we’ll be upgrading to the newest version in just a few short weeks. Continue reading for a full run down of the events that will lead to the upgrade.

New GAIL Flowcharts

Are you a visual learner who likes to see information at a glance? If so, take a look and the new flowcharts and infographics below to help keep you on track next time you’re working on a project in GAIL!

New “Notes” Report

A new notes report has been created to allow you to search for constituent notes over a time period based on date, note type (Class Note, Awards/Scholarships, Obituaries, etc), note author (mostly GAIL users), and the note source (CRM or via the Web).

Interaction Page Enhancements

Need to search for a specific interaction? No problem! Use the handy filters in the newly added Comments field to search all interactions for a specific keyword. In addition, you now have the ability to choose which columns you want to see on your interactions page.

Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have any ideas you’d like to see in GAIL or Advizor? If so, we are eager to hear them. While we cannot promise immediate solutions, the Office of Client Services will consult with our internal teams to find out how we might be able to implement your suggestions. The next time something comes […]

Giving Anonymously

Understanding the various levels of anonymity can be tricky. We get it. Continue reading to learn how to easily tell whether a person and/or gift is anonymous.

GAIL Training for Student Workers

Have you hired a new Student Worker at your school/college/unit who needs GAIL access and training? If so, please follow the detailed steps below to get them started.  Student workers are highly encouraged to complete the GAIL 101 Online Training module allowing them “View Access” in GAIL. If Student Workers need to update records or […]

GAIL SP15 Update

Over the weekend of April 22nd, GAIL has been updated to Service Pack 15. If you experience any issues from this, please send an email to

GAIL Mobilize Instructions

Traveling or off-campus? Take GAIL with you! GAIL gives you the flexibility to access the system anywhere you have an internet connect, providing you’ve connected to UGA’s secure remote VPN connection.

GAIL Communications Guide

Need assistance finding converted ASCEND to GAIL codes for solicitations and mail preferences?

GAIL & Advizor User Survey Results – General

Based on feedback from the GAIL and Advizor user survey results, we have published the first set of most common requests for clarification on business processes. 

Faculty/Staff Giving Report Available

A new faculty/staff giving report is now available in GAIL. The giving totals that pull into this report are based off of campaign logic and look at the campaign tags from the previous fiscal year (FY15). 

Deceasing Constituent Records – 4.0

With update ability in GAIL you have the authority to mark constituents as deceased. This instruction guide will give you the step-by-step directions for doing so.

Constituent Record Setups

This instruction guide will provide you with step-by-step directions for adding individuals, organizations, and couples to the GAIL database. 

Constituent Name Changes – 4.0

With update ability in GAIL you can now make name changes when needed. Keep reading to learn how.

Constituent Marriage and Divorce – 4.0

With update ability in GAIL you have the authority to Add and Remove spouses. This instruction guide will give you step-by-step directions for doing so. 

Constituent Contact Information Updates – 4.0

If updating contact information is a task you need help with, this is for you. This guide will show you how to update address, phone, and email information.

Completed Certificate Status

“Completed” status on all completed certificate programs have been updated. Click on the Education tab on a Constituent’s page to view the certificate status.

CDPG Donor Recognition Preferences

  Office of Gift and Estate Planning Deferred Donor Recognition Preferences   In stewarding a deferred gift donor, there is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that a donor’s recognition preferences are honored. Accordingly, this document serves to clarify the various recognition options available to a planned giving donor and summarizes the method for capturing […]

Best Practices for Entering Interactions on Organization Records

GAIL users, please make sure to enter interactions on Organization records in the Primary record of the search results. To verify the primary record follow the steps below… 

ASCEND to GAIL Conversion Codes

All codes from ASCEND also live in GAIL. This chart outlines the conversion of these codes.

Add a constiuency

Need to add an Active Constituency to your Constituent profile? Follow these simple steps…