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10.17.2014 Fall Break Programs (2014)
10.31.2014 Spring Programs
1.5.2015 Spring Break Programs
03.20.2015 Maymester & Summer Programs
04.17.2015 Fall Programs (2015)

Study Abroad Programs

A 155-acre property located in mountainous San Luis de Monteverde, UGA Costa Rica is proud to offer courses representing 35 different disciplines and 9 Colleges within the University of Georgia, making it not only the largest of UGA's three international centers but also the one sponsoring the widest academic representation. Click below to find detailed information on each of our annual programs, including their faculty and experiential focus.


Coffee: From Bean to Cup! (Thanksgiving Break)
College of Environment & Design Fall Semester: Landscape Architecture
Tropical Biology Fall Semester


Franklin Spring Semester
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Spring Break (LACSI)
Tropical Reforestation: A Spring Break Service-Learning Experience


Advanced Spanish & Photodocumentary
Art, Astronomy, & Journalism
Avian Biology (2016)
Housing and Household Economics (FHCE)
Landforms & Landscapes in Costa Rica
Nutrition Education in Latin America
Outdoor Recreation & Geology
Tropical Ecology Maymester


Comparative Environmental Health
Comparative Tropical Watershed Management (2016)
Full STEAM Ahead with TreeSmART (Workshop)
International Perspectives on Interracial Communication
Language & Culture Service-Learning
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Summer Semester
Nature & Environmental Design
One Health Summer Term
Surfing & Sustainability: Political Ecology in Costa Rica
Sustainability of Tropical Agro-Ecosystems
Warnell Core: Natural Resource Problem-Solving