2017 GRADNASFLA Systemic Functional Linguistics Symposium

By Kelly Dugan | College of Education Language and Literacy Education

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All contributions will be collected automatically until October 20, 2017.

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About the Symposium

Graduate students in the College of Education’s Department of Language and Literacy Education are working together to organize the university’s first symposium focused on systemic functional linguistics (SFL).

In contrast to other linguistic approaches, SFL is focused on the relationship between language and its function in the social systems of society. The goal of many SFL researchers is to illustrate the function of language in societal systems and to actively work with the community to foster awareness of how language ideologies and use can have damaging impacts on others.

By donating to this project, you will help our graduate students kick start a new symposium focused on SFL research. A total of $1,000 will cover all event expenses, including food, posters, programs, folders, and more. A smaller donation of $20 will purchase nametags for all participants, while a donation of $100 can help us reserve a conference room on campus.

To be held Oct. 20-22 in Athens, Georgia, the purpose of the symposium is to bring SFL researchers from across the nation together and provide an opportunity for them to share their work and receive feedback.

In addition to offering several opportunities for students and researchers to engage each other on the next level, the symposium will help burgeoning scholars improve their research and prepare them to publish their findings in major journals and present at international conferences, including the 2018 SFL Meeting in Boston.

Participants can attend paper presentations, brainstorm in workshops to discuss research, and engage a panel of SFL faculty who will share their strategies for succeeding in the field.

Why This Project Matters

UGA’s Graduate Student North America Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (GRADNASFLA) was established with the support of North American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (NASFLA) to provide networking opportunities and assist in the development of research for graduate students interested in or researching systemic functional linguistics.

GRADNASFLA is currently developing resources and activities to bring SFL graduate students together in addition to forming the first linguistics symposium at the university. These students must conduct and present their research to receive support, guidance, and discover new ideas, and this symposium will allow them to do just that!

Funding this project will help: 

  • Purchase meals for special presenters and guests: $510
  • Purchase materials for various conference events and activities: $190
  • Rent a conference room in the Miller Learning Center: $100


Meredith Metcalf | Associate Director of Development, College of Education

mmetcalf@uga.edu | 706-542-2267

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