Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden

By Kimberly Futrell

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Your Garden. Your Children. Our Future.

About the Project

The Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia will create a space to inspire wonder, love and the stewardship of nature through creative learning, adventure and play.

Scheduled for construction this fall, the two-and-a-half-acre space will feature areas such as:
-a canopy walk
-a tree house
-underground adventure area
-hands-on garden plots
-a Theatre-in-the-Woods
-a bog garden and pond
-edible landscapes

Why it Matters?

Many children are better connected to the virtual world of cyberspace than they are to the natural world. It is vital that the next generation of Georgia citizens are raised with an awareness of the impact that the environment has on them, and the impact that they have on their environment. The Children’s Garden will play an important role in this critical component of childhood education. Even further, the new garden will provide an outdoor classroom for teacher-training and education research at the University of Georgia with the understanding that reaching one teacher means reaching hundreds of students.



Kimberly Futrell | |  706-542-3977

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