Athens’ first Social Justice Symposium

By Yosha Dotson, School of Social Work

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UGA and our Athens community are coming together to create social change and we need your help! Athens, GA will host its first Social Justice Symposium (SJS) on January 21, 2017.

This conference-style event will include many social justice leaders in our local community. There will be workshops about a variety of social justice issues, including the topics of race, class, gender, sexuality, employment, housing, and more. The Symposium is designed to network, celebrate and collaborate with those passionate about our Athens.  It will also give those in the UGA and Athens communities a forum to speak, engage, and learn about social justice and how it impacts us locally as well as nationally and globally. The overall aim of the Symposium is to encourage positive community change to make UGA and Athens even better.

Because this event is completely funded by voluntary contributions, donations and sponsorship, your support can make Athens’ first Social Justice Symposium a truly empowering, educational, and engaging experience.  For our Athens community, it will create a lasting forum for justice, activism, and positive change.

Support the Social Justice Symposium with a contribution today.  Your gift will fund conference costs toward speakers, catering, facility rental, and conference materials.sw-social-justice-symposium-2

Help us reach our goal by making a tax deductible gift of any size!


Jennifer W. Abbott | School of Social Work | (706) 542-9093

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