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Student Alumni Council vs Arch Society: TEAM SAC!

“Org is easy, family is hard. If you say it, you’ll do it. If you live it, you’ll lurve it.” That Lurve Chant, maybe new to more seasoned SAC-ers, embodies everything…

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Arch Society vs. Student Alumni Council: TEAM ARCH SOCIETY!

Calling all POTA! Arch Love epitomizes what it means to be a member of Arch Society. Love for UGA. Love for our organization. Love for each other. Our shared experiences–retreats, football games, singing the Alma Mater (all four verses), campus tours, Thanksgiving Dinner,…

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Endow the Women of UGA Scholarship Fund

In the spring of 2019, alumnae and friends from across the country rallied to raise $50,000 in support of a scholarship. These gifts were matched by the UGA Foundation to create the first-ever Women of UGA…

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Black Alumni Giving Days

It began with their courage, it continues with our commitment. Beginning Friday, June 1 and continuing through Monday, June 4, the Black Alumni Affinity Group is hosting its…

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