Franklin College

Creating Community Areas for Theatre and Film Studies Students

Theatre and Film Studies students at the University of Georgia spend many of their waking hours in classrooms, rehearsal studios, shops, labs, and onstage – developing skills, memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. In-between classes and rehearsals, you…

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Concerned About Health Effects of Mercury? So Are We!

Human exposure to mercury (Hg) compounds is a well recognized global problem. Organic Hg in fish and vaccines affects both developed and undeveloped countries, but inorganic Hg comes from distinct sources in undeveloped (artisanal gold mining,…

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Redcoat Band Matching Campaign

For over 100 years, the University of Georgia’s Redcoat Marching Band has served as the soundtrack to Fall Saturdays in Athens, and made a permanent mark on all who proudly marched and performed. To honor that tradition, and to support…

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