Veterinary Medicine

Grow the Oak!

This past July, the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine┬álost the stately willow oak which provided beauty and serenity in front of the College for over 60 years.…

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UGA College of Vet Med – Veterinary Neuropathology

The Translational Research and Medicine (TRAM), Veterinary Neuropathology fund was founded in loving memory of Tram, a wonderful English bulldog, who belonged to Dr.…

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horse with DSLD

Equine Degenerative Disorder Research Project

Equine degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD) is a debilitating ligament and tendon disorder of horses. It is a source of chronic lameness and pain without a cure, and of great distress to horse owners and horse lovers. Available diagnostic tools are inadequate and our knowledge about the cause(s) is incomplete. This project aims to refine the accuracy of a new diagnostic method for DSLD – through the identification and measurement of specific proteins.

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