Passport to Costa Rica: Sponsor a Student’s Tropical Ecology Study Away Experience!

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Ecology students are eager to explore the world around them as they study fundamental ecological processes that will allow them to discover solutions to today’s greatest environmental challenges. The best way to support them in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to solve today’s conservation challenges is to get them there!

The Costa Rica Tropical Ecology Program is an interdisciplinary field course focused on the natural  history and ecology of tropical environments and the people that utilize, live within, and conserve these environments. Located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica is a small country known for its pioneering role in tropical conservation, its peaceful, democratic traditions, and its commitment to education, sustainability, and health. The Odum School Tropical Ecology program allows students to see why Costa Rica is one of the happiest and most biologically rich countries in the world!

Experiential learning is intensive and includes:
  • Field sampling and observational activities across diverse ecosystems including coastal, lowland forest, dry tropical forest, cloud forest and agricultural habitats
  • Laboratory assays and data analysis
  • Homestays with Costa Rican families
  • Group discussion and personal reflection
  • Hikes and exploration
  • Attendance at public events, like sports and fiestas
  • Visits to museums, nature reserves, and farms
  • Culture events and workshops

While traveling, students keep a journal and participate in research, quizzes, and reflection. Research topics are chosen by faculty and students, and students leave having gained valuable skills that will prepare them for careers in scientific exploration and conservation.

Your impact:
  • $1000 – The approximate cost of a round trip flight and shuttles from Atlanta to Costa Rica.
  • $500 – The estimated weekly accommodation at the study site. 
  • $250 – Twelve meals that fuel students with the energy they need to explore.
  • $150 – The approximate cost of a new passport booklet.
  • $50 – Binoculars, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and more… Alleviate the stress of these small but important items.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to send more Odum School students to Costa Rica to experience la pura vida! Every $5000 raised during this campaign will unlock a $5000 match by beloved Odum School emeritus faculty members, Ron Carroll, Carol Hoffman and Alan Covich,  who have come together to support this effort.  A gift of any amount will help us reach our goal!

Gifts of $50 or more will be thanked with an Eco Dawg keychain. All donors will receive annual e-communications about the impact of your gift.

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