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This year, the Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology (GREP) Professional Development Fund was established to support graduate student conference travel and engagement in professional development. GREP has been enjoying tremendous growth over the last few years, with increased programing, professional development, and the addition of an alumni network. We’ve established the GREP-PDF to provide an initial support of up to $1000 annually to students in the program. In order to deliver and expand that support, we need to vest the fund with $25,000. As the fund grows, we hope to expand the support we can provide to our students. We are setting a lofty but reasonable goal to get $5000 of support in our first year and need your help to get there. Any amount of support for the GREP-PDF helps to invest in our next generation of educational psychologists, educators, counselors, and researchers.

Every gift counts! Your support ensures our students can attend conferences and share the innovative research conducted here at UGA. Your gift can make a big difference for: 

  • Expanding opportunities: With your commitment, we can provide graduate students with crucial opportunities to travel to state, national, and international conferences
    • Disseminating research: Conferences and presentations are a key mechanism for the exchange of ideas and advancement of our field
    • Network development: By expanding our professional and alumni network, you help connect researchers and practitioners from across the country and across disciplines



Contact Molly Muschamp Thomas | | 706.424.4818

OR    Zack Feldberg |


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