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About the Project

The Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE) is a student-run, peer-reviewed, open access journal housed in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia. Each winter, the journal hosts an annual conference in which prominent national and international scholars with ranging research interests in language and literacy education are invited to give interactive presentations focused on participant engagement in topics of their choice.

Education JoLLEThe theme of this year’s conference and subsequent spring issue is “Out of the Box and into the Margins.” We welcome you to join us Feb. 3-4 for a participatory conversation about how language and literacies help students and educators explore opportunities to remake, refocus, and revolutionize the system to fit ourselves.

This year’s conference spans two days: (1) Friday’s workshops and social event, and (2) Saturday’s conference sessions and keynote address. To begin the conference on Friday, esteemed academics will lead conference participants through workshops focused on special topics in the language and literacy field. The workshops will be followed by an evening presentation and discussion about “Becoming an Illustrator” presented by children’s book illustrator and author, Eric Velasquez. Open to the public, this event will be held at Stan Mullins Art Studio and will include refreshments, conversation, and inspiring words from the guest speaker. On Saturday, educators and researchers will present innovative ways to explore out-of-the-box teaching practices through unique and interactive activities. Nick Sousanis, author of “Unflattening,” a dissertation created in comics form, will deliver the keynote address.

If you are interested in attending this conference, please register here.


Why This Project Matters

The purpose of the JoLLE Conference is to encourage all who attend to expand their understanding of literacies and to acknowledge that they each have a unique series of literacy experiences that jolle pic 2may or may not be realized within the classroom space. The value of bringing educators, scholars, and community members together to consider the ways we can work together to provide PreK-12 students with a stronger, community-based literacy education cannot be overstated. This is a time of growing awareness and appreciation for the differences and similarities among us all. It is through deliberate collaboration in a space created for such an effort that we create change. Your support allows for conference space to be rented, and for meals and ideas to be shared.



 Funding of $2,000 will help:

  • Bring in speakers and workshop facilitators
  • Rent facilities and equipment
  • Purchase meals for special presenters and guests
  • Accommodate disability services for conference participants
  • Purchase materials for various conference events and activities




Meredith Metcalf | Development and Alumni Relations, UGA College of Education|706.542.2267

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