Social Work Day at the United Nations

By Jane McPherson

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On March 25th & 26th, 2018 the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) will host the 35th annual Social Work Day at the United Nations (SWDay@TheUN) in New York City. The University of Georgia School of Social Work is a co-sponsor, and-with your help-UGA social work students are planning to attend!

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What is SWDay@TheUN?

SWDay@TheUN is a two-day conference at the UN in New York City that brings diplomats, advocates, activists, and social workers together to troubleshoot solutions to the pressing issues of our time. Together with social work students from around the nation and the world, UGA students will have the opportunity to engage with international change-makers at a pivotal moment in their careers: just as they prepare to graduate from UGA.

When UGA students attend SWDay@TheUN, the UN becomes their globally-engaged, policy-driven, experiential classroom! Offering students such memorable learning experiences is the driving motivation behind UGA’s experiential learning requirement.

Help our Social Work students gain first-hand experience at SWDay@TheUN by making a gift today.

About UGA Social Work’s Trip to the UN

All students in UGA’s undergraduate International Social Work elective are invited to attend SWDay@TheUN. The International Social Work elective acts as a co-requisite to this adventure, as it prepares students with fundamental knowledge about the United Nations, human rights, social development, and global social work. Classroom learning continues on the trip, as students are accompanied by their Professor, Dr. Jane McPherson, who will guide their learning in New York. Back in Athens, student travelers will present their SWDay@TheUN experiences to the whole school of Social Work community. Of course, donors will be more than welcome to join us for these presentations on Friday, March 30th!

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Going to social work at the United Nations was truly a global engagement learning experience. Being able to travel with the amazing group from my cohort provided me with the opportunity for professional development and collaboration. We got the chance to network in a way where we built lasting relationships. I realized the vast impact our physical environment has on the marginalized populations we work with each day. No to mention, being at the pivotal location where change agents have gathered for years empowered me to make a difference in the world using the human rights framework.” –Jenna Kress

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