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Help CARE-ing students dedicate more time to supporting persons with dementia and their care partners

Directed by CPH Institute of Gerontology leaders Dr. Lisa M. Renzi-Hammond and Dr. Jenay Beer, the Cognitive Aging Research and Education (CARE) Center is a clinical, research, and outreach space that believes in creating a new pathway to dementia education and diagnosis; a pathway built upon scientific evidence, passion, collaboration, and sincerity.

CARE Center student meets with a patient and their caregiver in a clinic room.

CARE Center students provide compassionate care to patients across the state of Georgia.

Providing experiential learning opportunities for students is at the core of the Center’s mission – and the work of CARE’s student team is critical to the success of the program. Students travel the state to rural communities to deliver education about what dementia is, how it affects our communities, and why getting a diagnosis is vital. But this kind of in-community service adds up! The average CARE Center student spends upwards of $3,000 on travel alone.

A Cause Near to Their Hearts

When Elliott (BSA ’02, MAL ’11) and Christy Marsh (BBA ’02) learned about the CARE Center, they immediately wanted to get involved. At a UGA Alumni Association board meeting last January, Elliott found himself in the College of Public Health listening to Marsha Davis, dean of the college, discuss the CARE Center and the impact it planned on having. This impactful meeting convinced the Marshes that the CARE Center had the ability to affect millions across the state and the country suffering from dementia just like Elliott’s father. In memory of his parents, Elliott and Christy made a founding gift to create the Chris and Annette Marsh CARE Center Student Support Fund to further the CARE Center’s life-changing mission.

By joining the campaign for the Chris and Annette Marsh CARE Center Student Support Fund, you join the fight against cognitive diseases and help remove financial burden for students- providing them with funding for travel, as well as service-learning courses and supplies related to research, education, and service.

What we offer; Education (minimalist graphic of people talking; Diagnosis (minimalist graphic of a stethoscope); Support (minimalist graphic of a hand holding a lightbulb)





  • We spread the word
    • We deliver state-wide education about what dementia is, how it affects our communities, and about why getting a diagnosis is vital.
  • We help provide a diagnosis
    • We provide comprehensive diagnostic memory and cognitive testing, physical examinations, diagnostic blood work, and neuroimaging.
  • We deliver support
    • We deliver support groups, care planning, and provide behavioral health interventions, (in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Association).
  • We train the next generation of professionals
    • We train a team of gerontological workers, including public health professionals, social workers, healthcare providers, researchers, and community workers.
  • We advance the world’s understanding of dementia
    • We conduct cutting-edge research aimed at reducing dementia risk and improving quality of life for those with a diagnosis, and their care partners.
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