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FY18 Spending Budget Report Available
The UGA Foundation FY18 spending allocations for endowments are now available from the ONESolution Dashboard. The report is located under the Endowment Spending Reports tab, entitled FY18 Spending Budget Report. If there are any questions, please contact the Foundation office at 706-542-6677.

New Client Required to Access ONESolution
The ONESolution Financial Accounting System was upgraded to version 16.1 on December 9, 2016. If you have not done so, you must UNINSTALL version 14.2 and INSTALL the new client, in order to access ONESolution. Note, if you do not have FULL Administrative rights to your PC, you must arrange to have someone from your IT department perform this installation for you. The instructions are available under the Supports Documents tab, Related Links, User Support Documentation.

FY17 ONESolution Report Dates
To see a listing of ONESolution Reports available to Campus for FY17, by the date of availability, select SUPPORT DOCS, then select ONESolution Report Dates to display the schedule.

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