2015 - 2016 Staff Representative Group 2015-2016 Staff Representative Group
Daniel Crittenden, Ginny Ingles, Anna Stadel, Michelle Parkos, Pansy Bond, Aaron Brown, Lauren Schlesinger, Danielle Free, Katherine Norman, Kellie Houston

Staff Representative Group (SRG)

The Staff Representative Group (SRG) is an apportioned collection of employees representing all departments within the of Development and Alumni Relations division of the University of Georgia. This group is a sounding board for staff-related concerns where issues are addressed and resolved. If necessary, those concerns are voted for recommendation to the University-wide Staff Council for resolution. In addition, this organization strives to foster unity and cooperation across Development and Alumni Relations.


  • A. To provide a forum for the introduction of staff-related concerns of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.
  • B. To discuss such issues and concerns and determine whether an item can be resolved within the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.
  • C. To make recommendations that a staff concern be introduced to the University-wide Staff Council.

SRG Bylaws
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The Division of Development and Alumni Relations Staff Representative Group meets in various locations across campus.