Customer Service

Effective Date:
Last Updated: 05/20/2010


The department of customer service manages the relationships between UGA alumni, the Association and the University, its schools and colleges, UGA alumni and friends, and visitors and callers to the Office of Alumni Relations.

In addition to providing administrative assistance for the office and the Association, the department of customer service is also responsible for the following programs:


The Office of Alumni Relations provides administrative support to the UGA Retirees Association.

Online Community

The Office of Alumni Relations assists in the administration of the UGA Online Community.

Facilitate Campus Support Fund & AE Advisory Committee

Student organizations or UGA schools and colleges may request funding from the Alumni Association for events and financial needs by making application for Campus Support Funds.  The application is available online under "About Us."  Once the application is received, the request is reviewed by the Alumni Employees Advisory Committee.  The committee makes a recommendation and the award is finalized by the executive director or associate executive director.  The UGA entity is notified as to the amount of the award.

Event Planning (Founders' Day Lecture, Alumni Employees Breakfast)

Faculty & Staff Authors Reception

Faculty and staff are notified by the newsletter and Columns that the reception will be held on the proposed date and if they authored a book over the last 24 months, they should contact the UGA Bookstore to get their books ordered for the event.  All authors who respond to the Bookstore get a notice/invitation to attend the event.

Student scholar tracking and support

All scholarships provided by the Alumni Association are handled by the office organizing the program.  The Honors Program manages the decision for the CURO Scholar, the Study Abroad program manages the decision for the Study Abroad  Fellow, the Financial Aid Office determines the Alumni Endowed Scholars, so all applications are managed in these offices and requirements are designated by those particular entities.

Monthly School & College reports administration and support

The Office of Alumni Relations sends monthly reports to each school and college letting them know what alums registered for alumni tours during that month, what alums attended Alumni Association events associated with their school/college, news clippings of their alums that month, and what alums participated through regional programs.

Updating alumni perpetual plaques

Perpetual plaques located on the Reception area floor are updated with the appropriate award recipient plate each year or as needed.  

Student worker hiring and supervision

At this time, we hire Federal Work Study Students through the Student Financial Aid Office.  Students make application for these positions through the Student Financial Aid Office.  The Office of Alumni Relations interviews students that have signed up for work study and hiring is determined by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Founders' Day

The UGA Alumni Association and the UGA Emeriti Scholars sponsor the annual Founders' Day Lecture to celebrate the anniversary of the University of Georgia's founding.

Alumni Employees Breakfast

Every Spring, the UGA Alumni Association hosts a breakfast in acknowledgement and honor of UGA alumni who are employees of the University.