Student Programs and Atlanta Programs

Effective Date:
Last Updated: 05/20/2010

The UGA Alumni Association offers focused programming for current students and alumni in the Atlanta area.


Student Programs
Effective Date:
Last Updated: 05/20/2010

Student Programs

Student Programs was put in place to engage current UGA students in the activities, programs and events of the UGA Alumni Association.

Student Alumni Association

Students are encouraged to make a minimum gift of $20 to the Georgia Fund during their freshman, sophomore, and junior year and a contribution to Senior Signature during their senior year.  Students making academic contributions in any given year are considered to be part of the Student Alumni Association.


SAA has provided programming for students to help them adjust to college life away from home in a Relocation Seminar and programming to teach students how to network through Networking Works.


Welcome Back Party

Dinner with a Dozen Dawgs - hosted by an alum, free for students.

Ring Week

Ring Ceremony

Wear your shirt day - member recognition.  Students who wear their SAA shirts receive a gift.

Beat T-shirt giveaways

100 Days Event - Partnership with Senior Signature counting down to May graduation.

Got Finals - Last day of class during Fall and Spring Semester. Students receive free massages, coffee and Breakfast.


The SAA uses Facebook, banners, the Student Alumni Council, student organization visits, Red and Black Ads, tabling and t-shirt days to market the Student Alumni Association. 


Monthly SAA newsletter created by Secretary of the Student Alumni Council, Listserv communication as well as Facebook.


An old tradition, the newly resurrected G Book includes tradition of the Univeristy of Georgia and its students.

Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council is a 28 member student leadership group that oversees and implements SAA programs and events, and participates in Alumni Association events.  Open enrollment is held every March for current SAA members.  The Application is available online during this month and applicants must submit a resume, give references and answer questions during an interview.  The interview is given by a panel of returning members of SAC.  The SAC panel meets to select new members with the help of the Student Programs' Graduate Assistant and Staff Advisor. A mandatory new member orientation is held the Thursday before the SAC retreat.  A mandatory SAC Retreat is held over a weekend at the end of August for all SAC members and provides a learning opportunity and bonding/social activities.  Monthly meetings are held as well as bonding activities throughout the year.  CASE ASAP conference is held yearly and SAC members are encouraged to participate.

Executive Committee

A President, Vice President and secretary are elected from the SAC.

Full Exec Committee

This committee includes the president, vice president, secretary, a SAC Member Chair, Events Committee and a Programs Committee.

Young Alumni Programs

Young Alumni Programs is put in place to engage Young Alumni (ten years out) in activities, programs and events the Metro-Atlanta Area.


Facebook, the UGA Alumni Association Enewsletter, UGA Alumni Association Metro Mail, and e-vites are used to communicate events and news to young alumni.

Young Alumni Council

Open enrollment is in November every two years.  The council is in place January after open enrollment.  Selection is made by an internal committee and is based on participation and connection to UGA.  An Events Committee is set up for Quarterly Events like Networking and a Holiday Social.  They also do Community Service Outreach as well as Professional and Leadership Development including the Top 30 under 30.  A Marketing/PR Committee is put in place to market the group, membership and the events.

UGA Official Class Ring Program

The Official Class Ring Program is to engage students in a lifelong relationship as demonstrated through the purchase of their class ring.

Ring Week

Ring week is held every fall and spring semesters.  A table is set up for one week at the bookstore and a second location on campus with Balfour representatives available to assist in the selection and purchase of the official class rings.

Ring Ceremony

The Ring Ceremony is held every spring to present students with their class rings and introduce them to the ring tradition.  Balfour representatives are available for any issues that may arise when receiving the rings.

Atlanta Programs
Effective Date:
Last Updated: 05/20/2010

Atlanta programs is responsible for designing, implementing, and facilitating a wide variety of programs to establish and build a presence for The University of Georgia Alumni Association among alumni and living and working in the Atlanta area.


Metro Atlanta Chapters contain several chapters in the Atlanta area which Atlanta Programs helps facilitate events and programming for.

Women of UGA is a growing community of women affiliated with the University of Georgia. The Women of UGA are connected to each other and to the University's schools, colleges, and the UGA Alumni Association by their commitment to and participation in professional development, community service, and personal empowerment.

Corporate Chapters

Admissions events are held in Atlanta and Atlanta Programs works with Admissions to promote the events and help staff them.

Bulldog 100 is a program that will determine and award the 100 fastest growing businesses that are owned or operated by UGA Alumni, each year.  Companies will be rated by "Compounded Annual Growth Rate" of revenues for the last 3 years. All qualified businesses, regardless of location, are welcome to participate.  To be considered in the program, businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been in business for 5 years or more
  • Have had verifiable revenues of $100,000 or more for the year three years prior to the current year.
  • Must be a former UGA student and own at least 50% of company or be the CEO,
    President or Managing Partner
  • The company must operate in a manner consistent with University of Georgia's
    "Pillars of the Arch" character statement. 

Educator Appreciation Series shows educators that are UGA alumni our appreciation for their dedication to the education of Georgia's children.


Gamewatchings are events hosted by Metro Chapters, where alumni gather to watch UGA sporting events.

Bulldogs After Business Hours are events hosted by Metro Chapters to gather alumni for social and business networking.

Volunteer events are hosted by Metro Chapters to gather alumni together for community service projects.

Keys to the Dawg House is an event co-hosted with Admissions to educate alumni and potential students about UGA's admissions process.

Corporate Gatherings are events co-hosted with corporate groups to bring alumni together in their place of work for business networking.

Women of UGA Lunch Groups are events hosted by Women of UGA for a dutch-treat lunch, social and business networking.

Women of UGA Networking Events are hosted by Women of UGA for professional and personal growth.

Bulldog Breakfast Clubs are events hosted by Metro Chapters to gather alumni together to learn about an industry or an alum's success.


Chapter/Club Event Request Form must be filled out completely in order for an event to be registered, and in order for us to properly market the event.  The form is available online at  An Event Evaluation form must be turned in after an event, providing a write up of the event for our records.  We use this form to report chapter activities and to market the chapter on their web site.  A goals and proposed calendar is due at the first of the year, and outlines the chapter's goals and event line-up.  The Officers and Executive Committee Members form shows leadership, along with contact info and is due by August 1.  An Annual Chapter Evaluation form lists the officers, their council members, and includes a general report of the chapter's activities for the year.

Career Center

A Career Consultant is housed in the Atlanta Alumni Center and provides career counseling and related programming.

Drew Charter School Read Alouds

Atlanta Programs works with East Lake Foundation to provide support at the school with greeting volunteers and reading alouds.