Gift and Other Income Deposits

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 01/13/2012
Policy Owner: Scott, Brandon

The Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management serves as a central location to record all private gifts/philanthropic grants in support of The University of Georgia. More specifically this includes the various schools and college units, The University of Georgia Foundation (UGAF), the UGA Research Foundation (UGARF), the Bursar's Office, Contracts & Grants, Botanical Gardens, 4-H Foundation, Georgia Museum of Art, Athletics Association, and all other University constituent organizations. Such support may come from alumni, friends of The University of Georgia, corporations, foundations, and associations. A gift/philanthropic grant may be in the form of a cash gift, in-kind gift, pledge to pay, or a planned (deferred) gift. It is important that all private non-contractual gifts received or awarded to the University be reported to the Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management upon receipt. Timely and accurate notification of such gifts is necessary for both reporting and receipting purposes.

Other Income
The Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management is also the central depository to record all income related to fundraising events associated with the Office of Development and other non-gift revenue to the foundations. This includes payments for event registrations, purchase of merchandise, rent income, etc. All such income is deposited and recorded by this office.

The Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management is responsible for all gift reporting for The University of Georgia. Reports include: 1) annual Voluntary Support of Education Survey (VSE) for the Council for Aid to Education (CAE), 2) monthly Support of the University Report, 3) Weekly Gift Report and 4) weekly Departmental Income Summary reports. The monthly Support Reports and the Weekly Gift Reports are used by UGA administrators to monitor the progress of annual University-wide fundraising efforts. The weekly Departmental Income Summary reports are mailed to the various benefiting units to assist with personal acknowledgements to their donors. The VSE is used by both the Georgia Board of Regents (to assess and compare the fundraising results at and among institutions within the University System of Georgia) and by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) for comparison with other member institutions. The Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management also performs a review of any reports which reflect giving - whether for internal staff purposes or for use by outside entities.