How to Request Parents and Families Funding

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 12/13/2011
Policy Owner: Tammy Gilland

Applications for grants from the UGA Parents & Families Fund are welcome from all schools, colleges, units and organizations associated with the University of Georgia. Forms are available from the Parents & Families Association office at 394 South Milledge Avenue, Athens Georgia or may be accessed through the Parents & Families web site ( The deadline for submitting applications is determined by the date of the spring meeting of the Parents & Families Council but is usually sometime in March.

Immediately following the deadline, copies of each application are mailed to all members of the Parents & Families Council. The members review all forms submitted. Council members then vote on whether to fund a request and, if so, for how much. The Director of the Parents & Families Association then compiles these votes and presents them to the Parents & Families Council at their spring meeting. At that time decisions are made on any 'borderline' requests, amounts of awards are confirmed, and a final vote is tallied.

Each applicant is notified of the Council's decision to fund or deny and the amount of the award where applicable. Occasionally, the Council will have information or suggestions to share about alternative funding for an event or project. Recipients of grants from the Parents & Families Fund must return a form indicating how proceeds are to be distributed (ledger transfer within the UGA Foundation, reimbursement for receipts submitted, etc.). Ledger transfer is the preferred method for disbursing funds.

Recipients of grants from the Parents & Families Fund are asked to submit a brief report about the use of funds upon completion of the project or event.