Career Center Role within the University Community

Effective Date: 06/24/2009
Last Updated: 02/23/2011

The University of Georgia Career Center is the sole provider (except for MBA and Law students) of centralized career services to undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni at The University of Georgia.  Career Center staff work collaboratively with faculty and staff of all departments to enhance the career success of University of Georgia students/alumni.  The UGA Career Center acknowledges that a small number of career programs exist at some level at several colleges within the university.  Policies for faculty and staff members outside the UGA Career Center are included in this document and entitled "Faculty/Staff: Here's Your Role in the Process as it Relates to Career Services, Employers, and Students/Alumni."  When there are conflicts and potential problems, the policies of The University of Georgia Career Center shall take precedence

Career services and employment professionals are involved in an important process-helping students/alumni choose and attain personally rewarding careers, and helping employers develop effective college relations programs which contribute to effective candidate selections for their organizations. The impact of this process upon individuals and organizations requires commitment by practitioners to principles for professional conduct. 

Career services and employment professionals are partners in the recruiting process with a common goal of achieving the best match between the individual student and the employing organization.  This partnership effort traditionally involves students.  However, when additional parties (alumni, community members, faculty, staff) are involved, the UGA Career Center asserts a necessary and central role in employer relationships to ensure that the recruiting process falls within the policies of The University of Georgia.

The Career Center does not provide career services to UGA faculty and/or staff members who are not graduates of The University of Georgia.

The principles presented here are designed to provide practitioners with three basic precepts for career planning, placement, and recruitment:

  • Maintain an open and free selection of employment opportunities in an atmosphere conducive to objective thought, where job candidates can choose optimum long-term uses of their talents that are consistent with personal objectives and all relevant facts;
  • Maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable to candidates and employing organizations;
  • Support informed and responsible decision making by candidates.

Adherence to the guidelines will support the collaborative effort of career planning, placement, and recruitment professionals while reducing the potential for abuses. The guidelines also apply to new technology or third-party recruiting relationships which may be substituted for the traditional personal interaction among career services professionals, employer professionals, and students/alumni.

These principles are not all-inclusive; they are intended to serve as a framework within which the career planning and recruitment processes should function, and as a foundation upon which professionalism can be promoted.