Donor Relations & Stewardship

Effective Date: 06/03/2010
Last Updated: 06/03/2010

The Office of Donor Relations & Stewardship ensures a comprehensive and quality program of stewardship and events, which cultivates, engages and recognizes all donors and prospective donors on a university-wide basis to further the efforts of private financial support.  The mission of the office is to sustain and nurture the University's lifelong relationship with its donors while providing accurate and timely information pertaining to the investment, use and impact of their gifts.

Donor-focused stewardship is accomplished by developing ongoing relationships and partnerships with our donors through timely and appropriate gift acknowledgement, fund reporting, donor recognition, donor appreciation activities and events, and stewardship activities.  Through meaningful and consistent contacts with donors and prospective constituencies, the office aids fundraising efforts in building lifelong relationships with donors and instills in them the trust that their gifts and investments are supporting the success of the University.