Fundraising - General

Effective Date:
Last Updated: 07/01/2013

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia encourages the System's institutions to seek private support from alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, and other organizations. Funds raised from private donations may be used in support of the mission and objectives of the institution, including funds for student scholarships and fellowships, chairs and professorships, construction of physical facilities, and for other purposes as may be designated by the donor.

By accepting such gifts, donations, bequests, or declarations of trust, the President of the institution affirms that the gift or donation carries no obligations to the institution that may conflict with state law or Board of Regents policy. The President also affirms that acceptance of the gift or donation will not impose a financial burden on the institution beyond that which can be managed within the institution's budget.

All fundraising conducted on behalf of the University must be coordinated through the appropriate departments of the Office of Development and the Office of Financial Services, and, as necessary, under the approval of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.

For purposes of these policies, the term "gifts" refers to private contributions (such contributions are sometimes called "grants" by foundations and corporations). Gifts are outright or deferred contributions received from private contributors sometimes referred to herein as "donors," in which neither goods nor services (other than general reports and/or fulfillment of donor intent) are expected, implied, or forthcoming for the donor.

The University's fundraising priorities are established by the Provost in consultation with the President and the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. By prioritizing fundraising endeavors, the University can focus its efforts on the needs and opportunities that will make the greatest impact on institutional objectives.

All gifts or philanthropic grants, whether for current use or endowment, solicited in the name of and treated as a gift to any part of the University, must be recorded by the Gift Accounting Department of Financial Services.

The following policies and procedures set forth the guidelines for the University of Georgia fundraising program. Exceptions to these policies may be granted, where appropriate, by the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.