Wireless Credit Card Machine

POLICY: 3.4.4
Effective Date: 08/20/2009
Last Updated: 01/13/2012
Policy Owner: Scott, Brandon

The External Affairs Division Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management has 2 wireless credit card machines which can be used by any University of Georgia unit The credit card machines are available for processing payments for deposit to  the the University of Georgia Foundation holding an authorized university event.   

To check out a machine please follow the steps below:

  1. Send an e-mail to askgifts@uga.edu requesting the use of a wireless credit card machine. Please include:
    1. Number of machines need (up to 2 machines)
    2. Event Location and Time
    3. Scheduled pickup and drop off date and time
    4. Contact name and number
  2. Once the request is approved, the appropriate employee from the Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management will follow-up for any additional information needed. Check out is subject to availability and duration should be limited to 3 business days (exceptions can be made).
  3. Instructions for the use of the machine will be given when the machine is picked up. Written instructions will also be included with the machine.
  4. When processing cards, keep a copy of the description of the purchase for entry into the appropriate accounting system (ASCEND or IFAS). Totals on the settlement report will be grouped into Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Note:  No full credit card numbers should be written down at any time.  The last four numbers of the card may be placed on the backup to ensure proper processing.
  5. Use the "Settle" function on the machine to finalize the credit card purchases at the end of the event or the end of each day, whichever comes first.
  6. The settlement report total must tie to the total on the backup gathered throughout the event/day. If it does not, you must identify the difference before turning in the machine. These totals will be verified when the machine is returned and will be matched to the the University of Georgia Foundation Bank Account.
  7. Turn the machine in on the scheduled turn-in date along with the settlement report and backup for each transaction to the Office of Gift & Alumni Information Management. If changes to the schedule need to be made, e-mail askgifts@uga.edu or call 706-542-5787.

General Guidelines

Each University unit processing credit/debit cards will be responsible for adhering to the credit card merchants' data security program.  The Office of Information Security will maintain links to the various merchant's data security programs at:  https://infosec.uga.edu/service/soc.php .

 In order to reduce fraud, credit card companies recommend the following procedures for processing cards when the card is present (i.e., face to face transaction):

  • It is recommended you ask for an ID at the point of sale to verify the card holder is using the card.
  • Always swipe the card through the terminal/point of sale device, if applicable.
  • Obtain authorization for every card sale.
  • Ask the customer to sign the sales receipt.
  • Match the embossed number on the card to the four digits of the account number displayed on the terminal.
  • Compare name and signature on the card to those on the transaction receipt.
  • If you believe the card number or card sale is suspicious, make a Code 10 call to the voice authorization center for the card being used.