Office of Prospect Development (Advancement Research and Prospect Management)

Effective Date:
Last Updated: 05/18/2010

The Office performs four primary functions:

  • Organizational Needs Awareness
  • Proactive Prospect Identification
  • Responsive Research Services
  • Prospect and Solicitation Management

 Organizational Needs Awareness

AR maintains awareness of the funding needs and priorities of the University for the purpose of identifying potential private funding to meet those needs. AR uses information from both internal databases and external resources and employs standard research techniques and technologies for identifying individuals with both capacity and affinity for support of the University. The overall goal of AR is to provide information to the Development staff in ways that will assist UGA=s fundraising goals.

Proactive Prospect Identification and Responsive Research Services

AR staff actively monitor material such as periodicals, news feed services, financial publications, University publications, and internal data analyses for the purpose of identifying individuals with interest and capacity for support of UGA. These same sources are used in response to requests from Development staff for qualifying individuals= interest and level of support for funding initiatives. Relevant information will become a part of archived data and shared with appropriate Development staff.


 1. The collection and use of information shall be conducted in adherence with standards set by the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA)

2. Information sought and recorded may include all public records.

3. Written requests for public information shall be made on institutional stationery clearly identifying the sender.

4. When requesting information in person or by telephone, neither individual nor institutional identity shall be concealed.


1. Briefing documents, contact reports, proposals and correspondence must be entered into the central database.

2. Researchers shall state information in an objective and factual manner.

3. Documents pertaining to donors or prospective donors shall be irreversibly disposed of when no longer needed (e.g., by shredding).


1. Non-public information is the property of the institution for which it was collected and shall  not be given to persons other than those who are involved with the cultivation or solicitation effort or those who need that information in the performance of their duties for that institution.

2. Only public or published information may be shared with colleagues at other institutions as a professional courtesy.

3. Prospect information is the property of the institution for which it was gathered and shall not be taken to another institution.

4. Prospect information shall be stored securely to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

5. Research documents containing donor or prospective donor information that are to be used outside research offices shall be clearly marked "confidential."

6. Special protection shall be afforded all giving records pertaining to anonymous donors.

 Prospect and Solicitation Management

 Please refer to POLICY: 3 for information about this subject