School/College/Unit Fundraising Programs

Effective Date:
Last Updated: 11/19/2013
Policy Owner: Coyle, Cindy

This Office is primarily comprised of development officers located in sixteen Schools and Colleges of the University as well as in ten Units. Although there are variations to the model(based primarily on School/College/Unit size), the basic structure is a dual reporting line to the Dean/Director/VP and to one of two Senior Directors in Central Development. See POLICY: 2.2 - School/College/Unit-Based Staff for additional information.

In comport with the University's general fundraising priorities, each Dean/Director/VP should prepare (annually) a list of fundraising objectives and goals for his/her respective School/College/Unit. Upon approval by the Provost and the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, these objectives and goals provide the roadmap for the year=s fundraising efforts of the respective unit.

Constituent-based officers are located in the Schools, Colleges and Units that they serve in order to provide direct familiarity with faculty and programs and to serve as first-point-of-contact for faculty seeking philanthropic support.                             

School/College/Unit Development staff are subject to the policies and procedures of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.