Division of Development and Alumni Relations Diversity Plan

Effective Date: 11/01/2012
Last Updated: 11/19/2013
Policy Owner: Coyle, Cindy

Division of of Development and Alumni Relations employees believe that diversity and inclusion are imperative.  We strive for a welcoming, inclusive workplace environment that is respectful of all people who enter our doors or utilize our services.  We are most successful when all voices are heard and the full diversity of our campus community comes together to achieve a common goal.   Because we understand the importance of embracing diversity in creating a culture of inclusion, we adopt the following goals:

Goal #1
Support the division's existing and future diversity-specific events and initiatives.


  • Provide financial support, event assistance, and promotion of such events as:
    • Holmes-Hunter Lecture and Lunch
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Breakfast
    • Hosting international delegates and International Student Orientation Week
    • Mary Frances Early Lecture
    • New Multicultural Faculty and Staff Reception
    • Black Faculty and Staff Organization's Founders Award Scholarship Luncheon
    • Black Affairs Council Ball
    • Shabbat 500
    • UGA Retirees Association functions
    • Fall Career Fair Diversity Breakfast
    • Career Center Diversity Networking Dinner
    • Multicultural Professional Development Conference
    • Diversity Internships Series
  • Facilitate conversations and make connections for community groups with UGA's Office of Institutional Diversity, Development and Alumni Relations departments, and specific diversity-related opportunities.

Goal #2
Promote appropriate representation of the diversity of the campus community in each Development and Alumni Relations product and activity.


  • Special events from donor recognition and appreciation events to alumni events and others shall reflect the demographic and academic interests across campus.
  • The selections of images in publications, multimedia productions, video, website and social media products shall reflect the demographic and academic interests across campus.
  • Continue to distribute news to and establish relationships with diverse members of the media and those who represent publications with diverse audiences.
  • Seek opportunities to develop additional programming highlighting specific demographic groups.

Goal #3
Encourage the use of diverse vendors and service providers when conducting the business of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.


  • Continue to support the Small and Minority Business Expo.
  • Follow state bid procedures when necessary to provide opportunity to a variety of potential vendors.
  • Utilize venues that do not have exclusions to their facilities (not ADA accessible, gender discriminations, etc.).

Goal #4
Encourage diverse membership in the division's associated boards.


  • Assist in recruiting a diverse membership for all the division's associated boards including but not limited to:
    • UGA Foundation Board of Trustees
    • UGA Board of Visitors
    • UGA Alumni Association Board of Directors
    • Parents and Families Association
    • UGA Alumni Association's Student Alumni Council
    • UGA Retirees Association Board of Directors
    • Biosafety Community Liaison Committee
    • Georgia Magazine Advisory Board

Goal #5
Support the university's efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body.


  • Solicit funds for diversity-based, merit-based and need-based scholarships and administer donor funds used for student scholarships. Publicize the awards, conduct appropriate donor stewardship for continual support, and invest funds to ensure they are available for perpetuity.
  • Offer daily campus tours for prospective students and their families as well as group tours for Upward Bound and other programs focused on first-generation college students.
  • Assist with student retention by offering information, programming and support provided by the Career Center.
  • Conduct freshman send-off events across Georgia to help establish a UGA connection, to network with parents, host various multicultural student activities, and offer student alumni programming to build a sense of belonging with the university.
  • Look for opportunities to increase grants to UGA multicultural organizations through the Alumni Association Campus Support Fund.

Goal #6
Support diverse faculty/staff recruitment and retention within the division and across the university.


  • Communicate with the division's hiring managers the importance of diversity and how different skill sets, viewpoints and backgrounds can be positive traits to consider.
  • Expand distribution of position postings to regional and national publications, websites and listservs when appropriate.
  • Create a consistent procedure of introducing and orienting new employees to their department and the division.
  • Create and maintain a work environment that promotes social interaction and investment in relationships with co-workers at the departmental, divisional, and institutional level.
  • Support the university's efforts to recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff through the products and programs of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.

Goal #7
Integrate diversity into established systems of accountability at the University


  • Seek out and participate in diversity training opportunities both on the departmental and individual levels.
  • Directors and supervisors will identify and implement an evaluation method that is most suitable for their unit.
  • As part of the annual evaluation discussion, encourage all employees to participate in and provide feedback on diversity-related events, programs, and initiatives.
  • As a part of the annual review process, directors and supervisors will be evaluated on their success in attracting and developing a diverse workforce though hiring, promotion and training/development.
  • Directors and supervisors will provide diversity-specific objectives within their strategic plan and annually report on progress updates.
  • Objectives and items discussed in the evaluations and plans for the coming year will be incorporated into departmental submissions for the division's annual review.