Trademarks and Licensing

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 08/03/2015
Policy Owner: Coyle, Cindy

In 1996, the University of Georgia (UGA) created its trademark management and licensing program to establish a foundation for promoting and protecting the use of its trademarks. Over the years, the traditions and spirit shared by the UGA family have increased the demand for association with products that feature the University's trademarks. The use of UGA's trademarks extends through all facets of the University. Therefore, it has been the practice that the UGA Division Development and Alumni Relations, Offices of Financial Services (UGAEA) and Public Affairs (UGAPA), in conjunction with the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) and the UGA Athletic Association (UGAA), maintain a university-wide perspective. As such, this function is under the direction of the Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. The University has contracted with Fermata Partners, one of the nation's leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative, to enhance the University's efforts in this area.

The mission of the Trademark Management and Licensing program is three-fold:

  1. To ensure proper use and application of the trademarks that have become associated with the University of Georgia.
  2. To strengthen the trademarks through relationships with retailers, licensees, campus departments, student organizations, alumni, and fans.
  3. To generate revenue to enhance private funding for academic support.