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Responsibility for Manual

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 02/12/2019

The Executive Director of the University of Georgia Foundation is ultimately responsible for the preparation and maintenance of this policies and procedures manual. All policies and procedures are subject to approval by the Executive Committee of the University of Georgia Foundation. The manual's accuracy will be examined annually and necessary revisions will be made.

Steps in Maintaining Manual

The following steps shall be followed in making revisions, deletions, or additions to this manual:

  1. A proposed revision, deletion, or addition will be prepared by the individual initiating the policy action. The change shall be reviewed and approved by the director of the division involved.
  2. All proposed revisions, deletions, or additions will be submitted to the Executive Director of the UGA Foundation for review and recommendations.
  3. All proposed revisions, deletions or additions will be presented to the appropriate Foundation Committee for approval.
  4. All approved procedures will be incorporated into the manual and the web version will be the primary source for the document.
  5. The implementation of current policies is the responsibility of the Executive Director of the UGA Foundation.
  6. Once revisions are approved and incorporated into the manual on the Foundation website, an RSS notification will be sent to all employees signed up to receive RSS feeds on the applicable section.