The University of Georgia Foundation Signature Authority/Delegation :: Expenditure Control :: UGA Foundation


Signature Authority/Delegation

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 12/02/2009

Each employee requesting payment from the Foundation should affix his/her signature on the "Requested By" line of the Foundation check request. This includes both payments to reimburse the employee as well as payments to vendors for work authorized by the employee. It is the responsibility of each unit head (Vice President, Dean, or Director) to approve the following transactions from Foundation funds:

  1. Check Disbursement Requests
  2. Restricted Account Requests (C&G accounts funded by the Foundation)
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Travel Authorities and Travel Expense Statements
  5. Journal Voucher Requests
  6. Scholarship Forms (Awards and Cancellations)
  7. Entertainment Forms

A unit head may request, in writing, to delegate his or her signature authority to a senior lower level. This is subject to the approval of the Office of Financial Services. The delegation of signature responsibility does not eliminate every Dean, Director or Vice President's responsibility to ensure the authenticity and appropriateness of the expenditure and compliance with the fund agreement and Foundation policies. An updated Signature Authority Form should be submitted to the Foundation at least annually or when a signature authority designee changes. After approval by the unit head and all signatures of delegates are obtained on the form, the form should be forwarded to the Office of Financial Services for documentation. Signature delegates should be appropriate job positions comparative to the signature authority being granted. For instance, unit heads should not be granting signature authority to all persons in a unit/dept or junior lower level employees unfamiliar with expenditure policies and fund agreement guidelines.

The following is an exception to the signature authority delegation. If a unit head is requesting reimbursement for him/her self, the request should be forwarded to the next level of authority for approval regardless of who has signature delegation authority.