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Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 04/09/2010

The University of Georgia Foundation reimburses for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred while performing approved official travel away from headquarters and places of residence. Travel expenses will be reimbursed using UGA travel policies, with certain exceptions as noted herein. See the University of Georgia Travel Policies for information about reimbursable travel expenses. Each employee must request his or her own reimbursement. The administrative head is responsible for ensuring that travel reimbursement requests are for reasonable and necessary amounts.

Requests for travel reimbursement are made using a University of Georgia Travel Expense Statement (TES) with a covering Foundation check request. When appropriate for out-of-state travel, a UGA Travel Authorization form (TA) should be processed/approved and included with the reimbursement request. Please follow UGA policies for completion of the forms and approvals.

If travel is to be reimbursed using a combination of UGA and Foundation funds, the Travel Authority form should document the complete cost of each trip. Pre-approval from the Foundation is not required on TAs submitted on Foundation accounts. Funds are not encumbered for travel at the Foundation. As a courtesy, the Office of Financial Services will check available funding for the Foundation account number and sign off on the TA; but, it is the unit/department's responsibility to insure adequate funding is available to pay for the travel expenditure at the time the reimbursement is submitted for payment. Please note: reimbursement for out-of-state travel expenses may not exceed the approved total amount authorized to travel by more than twenty percent (20%) without a written statement of explanation indicating approval by the appropriate dean, director, or vice president.

The Travel Expense Statement should include all expenditures (including airfare), even if reimbursement for the total amount is not being requested. A copy of the UGA check request should be included with A Foundation check request. For jointly funded travel with UGA, the Foundation will accept copies of airline tickets and other receipts. Also, expenses can be reimbursed to the employee, paid directly to the vendor or paid to UGA to fund the total cost of the travel. However, if the employee's travel falls under one of the exceptions noted below, then these payments must be made directly to the employee as a reimbursement.

Exceptions to the UGA travel reimbursement policies are included herein:

  • There are no maximums for overnight accommodations; therefore, original receipts are required for reimbursement. However, it is expected that accommodation expenses will adhere as close as possible to the UGA approved rates by location.
  • Reimbursement for meals can be made at either the UGA per-diem rate or the actual expense incurred during the travel period. Reimbursements at the per-diem rate cannot be combined with actual costs. Original receipts are required for reimbursement of actual costs above the UGA per-diem rate. It is expected that meal expenses will adhere as close as possible to the UGA approved per-diem rate for the location.
  • The Foundation does not have contracts with transportation vendors; therefore, each unit is responsible for procuring the best airline rate.
  • Reimbursement for gasoline costs can be made at either the UGA mileage rate or the actual expense incurred during the travel period.  Reimbursements at the mileage rate cannot be combined with actual costs.  Original receipts are required for reimbursement of actual gasoline costs.

Travel cash advances may be obtained by employees to pay for costs associated with travel. The amount of the travel advance should be calculated based on the estimated travel expenses on the TA but can not exceed the TA amount. See Expenditure Control Advances Policy 8.10 for more detail on cash advances for employees.