The University of Georgia Foundation Scholarships :: Expenditure Control :: UGA Foundation



Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 12/10/2009

The Foundation supports the payment of scholarships to UGA students. A check request and Scholarship Request Form must be submitted to the Expenditure Control Department for payment processing. Payment is made directly to UGA and not the student.

Please limit single check requests to 20 scholarship awards; i.e., 20 rows. This equates to two Scholarship Request Forms per each check request. The Scholarship Request Form must be properly completed and approved before processing. The student's full name should be used as registered at UGA.

For cancellations, a check request is not required. The Scholarship Request Form should reference the original check request for the award. The amount should be typed in the field as a negative number and the word "Award" will automatically change to "Cancel" in the form.

The Scholarship Request Form is used by the UGA Office of Student Financial Aid as well as the UGA Bursar's Office; therefore social security numbers for students will be required on this form by the Foundation as long as it is required by UGA. The Office of Student Financial Aid uses the Scholarship Request Form to update a student's "Award Letter" and the Bursar's Office uses the Scholarship Request Form to deposit/account for funds to each student's account.